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FAQ for The Ghost Walks

What are Ghost Walks?

The most interesting historic and haunted places in the Golden Horseshoe (part of Southern Ontario from Niagara to Toronto).  Vivid ghost stories and only interesting related history through the traditional art of storytelling.

Featuring amazingly strange “Ghost Guides” with unique character and ability.

How can I contact the Ghost Walks?

Make Contact with us.  Quickest method is the Contact Form.

Or call us at 1-855-8GHOSTS (844-6787).  Phones are answered by living people during our Gift Shop hours of operation.  Voicemails are monitored during off-hours.

Why we are different from other Ghost Tours?

A focus on masterful storytelling at a reasonable price.  We’ve put special attention into respecting the ghost story.  Dedication to traditional styles mixed with natural (and interesting) odd history. It’s been our specialty since 2003.

How long is an average tour?

All Ghost Walks are between 75 to 90 minutes.  With special events running longer (up to 2 hours).  See each walk | event page for details.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Yes!  Our founder Ghost Guide Daniel started as a paranormal investigator in 1999.  He left the field after discovering a love for ghost stories.

Leading to a dedication for the traditional ghost story and interesting (darker) history.  Nobody can answer the question, “What is a Ghost?”  What remains? A deep interest for real experiences… today and in history.

History of the Ghost Walks


Started in Hamilton in 2003.  Featuring a small haunted shop in Canada’s Most Haunted Town, Niagara-on-the-Lake.

The Ghost Walks are ghost and dark history tours based out of the most haunted locations in Southern Ontario.  In the historic Golden Horseshoe.

Different Haunts Brought Together

Amazing stories and experiences at different types of locations.  Such as…

  • The edgy dark history of Hamilton split into 2 Core Tours – Downtown Hamilton shows off the ghost stories with strong historic foundations.  And Hamilton’s Dark History tour featuring the grand past of a unique Canadian city.
  • Haunting calm of the Dundas Valley surrounds groups walked to the legendary Hermitage Ruins
  • The storied Hamilton Harbour’s dark history on display along side the Ghosts of the Great Lakes for the Dark Trolley tour.
  • And the centerpiece of the city’s history, Dundurn Castle.  A special and rare 2-part event featuring a bus tour to hard to find haunts.
With Special Walks and Events
  • Inside the Thompson Mansion and stories of an old Canadian Ghost Town now called Ruthven
  • One of the most beautiful, and haunted, houses we’ve seen.  A fully indoor tour at Castle Kilbride

And of course the most popular Ghost Walks of Niagara on the Lake.  Proving, hands down, this is Canada’s most haunted town.  And one of it’s most strangely historic, as shown with the new Niagara’s Dark History tour.

Delivered Right

All led by talented Ghost Guides with a dedication to the traditional art of storytelling.