Could You Catch a Ghost on Video?

The paranormal reality show Ghost Hunters attracted an impressive 3 million views per episode, highlighting just how popular it had become.

However, for those who want to replicate such an experience. Try to capture a ghost on video, doing so seems impossible. Unethical in some cases.

From the benefits that video can bring, to the downsides involved, and how to go about potentially filming your next adventure… here’s what you need to know.

The Benefits of Filming

Video after video online says to show real ghosts captured live on camera. And while some are not real, others can be believable, turning skeptics into believers.

However, the potential behind capturing a real spirit on video is one to take into consideration. Unlike photography, a ghost on video presents the opportunity to show a spirit in action.

It means you capture details missed in the heat of the moment. Capturing video and audio allows review later on. Slowed down, and sped up in order to better inspect the footage.

Filming your Ghost Experience

While there are clear benefits to trying to catch a ghost on camera. The question whether or not the practice is ethical is debatable. Depending on the situation.

For example, filming without permission on a tour or hunt can be considered disrespectful or against the rules. Because of this, if you’re planning ahead, ensure filming is permitted to ensure that you’re not overstepping boundaries.

When further preparing for videoing, ensure you have the right equipment on hand. If you choose to go with a complicated video setup that involves cables rather than using your smartphone, knowing the basics.

Such as what kind of video cable to get the best quality. For instance, while display ports connect computer monitors and other electronics (such as a home theater systems) using High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables which are popular for video and audio content — aka your ghost hunting footage — may also be required, especially if you’re using a laptop to edit the video later on.

Are there Downsides?

As with anything involving technology, there is the potential for glitches or malfunctions while trying to capture a ghost.

However, it’s worth mentioning there are fewer chances of interference when videoing vs. photography. For instance, in one notable photo that depicts what looks like a spirit, the apparition is likely to be the flash reflected by condensation on the lens. Or even from the photographer’s breath (one reason why many ghost hunters refrain from smoking while trying to do such a job).

However, filming would eliminate the need for camera flashes, making it a great method for potentially recording anything from apparitions to orbs. 

Capturing a ghost on video sounds improbable, but there could be some truth behind those videos online. Some of which can turn even the most hardcore skeptic into a believer.

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