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A Casa Loma Ghost Story

I made the case that this house isn’t haunted. Now, I’m going to contradict it with a Casa Loma Ghost Story!

With the idea of one conscious spirit returning to the house after death. From an outsider, a former investigator and life-long paranormal enthusiast, this makes complete sense.

Denied his beloved castle in life. Saying Sir Henry Pellatt has returned home after death. As a ghost that can’t ever be evited by Toronto.

He’s Not Happy with Visitors

A young boy walked away from his parents at an outdoor event. Walking through the gardens of Casa Loma. A bright warm day, buy the boy felt a chill.

He looked up. Saw movement through a window on the second floor. The boy’s eyes adjusted to the light as an old man appears behind the glass.

Staring down into the boy’s eyes. The man’s angry. Arms stiff at his side, a disciplined and stone look.

The chill of dread turned to fear and the boy ran. Found the event supervisor. The boy told her about the man in the window as tears streamed down his cheeks.

“It’s okay young man, nobody wants to hurt you”

She said this as a disturbing thought ran through her mind. The second floor was closed down for the special event. The house all locked up.

She knew the house was empty because all her co-workers were in the gardens with her.

She asked him to describe the angry man. In detail beyond his years the boy said someone bald, old fashion clothes, vest. “A serious man”.

Sir Henry Pellatt - Casa Loma, Toronto
Is Sir Henry back in his Castle? – A Casa Loma Ghost Story

The supervisor was scared, but also a bit excited. She calmly took out a photo of Sir Henry Pellatt.

“Is this the man?”

The boy nodded yes.

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