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Blue Ghost Tunnel Experience by Ghost Guide Daniel

The teams knew about the train crash, blue mist and reports of a ghost dog at the Blue Ghost Tunnel entrance.  This was intriguing. But it’s the tunnel’s atmosphere that really drew them in.

The following happened to me during one of our visits.

I’ve always been a fan of Niagara Region history. Of course, Hamilton is my home and tops the list. But for the second, it’s Niagara.

The Investigation

Most nights focused on subtle changes in temperature and atmosphere. We used EMF detectors and psychic impression. Hours and hours of little results.

One night was more active than the rest, when a thunderstorm rolled in. Great backdrop for a ghost hunt. Energy was stirred up and the machines spiked.

Few hours later and we’re leaving. I look to the entrance (about 20 feet away) and see movement. I squinted, strained. It looked like an animal, size and shape of a dog.

I ran towards it, watching my head as the beams were low. Finally got to the entrance to find nothing.

At the same time a crack of lightning. I’m man enough to admit jumping. Thankfully I didn’t scream.

Is Blue Ghost Truly Haunted?

Personally opinion, who can say for sure?  However, overall this location lacks results.

Of course there are photos, orbs, mists, ghost dogs, but a lack of energy.  Truly haunted places have energy outside the Blue Ghost Tunnel being a scary looking place.

Also if you believe tragedy creates ghosts then it ranks low.  One train accident with one death in over 140 years in a large space, and only 40 years of actual, part-time use.

I wish we could know more.  Sadly many legitimate ghost hunters run for the hills when hearing about the dangers.  It’s now a place for vandalism and partying.

Valued History

Every history lover should see The Merritton Tunnel. Once frozen in history, it’s now literally sinking into the ground.

I’d love to see historical hikes, during the daytime, with an experienced guide. 

To see the abandoned canal lock, a rusted out Ford Tempo sitting at the bottom (how did it get down there?!?).  Then a calming stroll down the rocky hill, leading to sheer amazement of an open mouth into darkness.

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