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Blue Ghost Tunnel – King of the Niagara Spooky Tunnels

Ghost Guide Daniel – – Old and abandoned, the Welland Canal’s Lock 18 passes above a notorious Niagara haunt.  Historically called the Merritton Train Tunnel, the 140 year old structure now known as the “Blue Ghost Tunnel”.

Completed in 1876.  Converted to occasional use in 1887.  Closed in 1915.  How did something so lightly used gain such a reputation?

Blue Ghost Tunnel - Merritton Tunnel historic photo
Blue Ghost Tunnel – Merritton Tunnel historic photo

**Standing at the newly built Merritton Tunnel (BGT), circa late-1800’s

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Built using Queenston limestone. The entire length spans technically 713 feet.

Today sits ignored by most. The exception… those looking for a spooky and interesting night to serious Paranormal Investigators.

But what’s left for you to see?

The structure is damaged at this time. One end is sinking into the ground waters. That’s why the entrance remains on dry land. The other end isn’t. It’s impossible to walk through without Scuba-gear.

For those have ventured, word of more history now covered under the water. Along with the tunnel structure is an old cemetery.

Tunnels of the Region

The Screaming Tunnel, the springboard in a region known for tunnels.  The railway and Welland Canal created a need. 

A dark void peering into darkness surrounded by curving stone walls.  Echoing your voice and trapping you in.  That’s scary.

That’s the Screaming Tunnel. For the BGT, take a monument to Canadian engineering and mix in some real dark history. It’s hard to ignore.

Why “Blue Ghost Tunnel” – Name Origin

Years before the Ghost Walks began, a paranormal investigator named Russ made his way to the Merritton Tunnel. 

He was given directions to the Screaming Tunnel, but got lost.  Somehow stumbled on a pathway past the abandoned canal lock.  Down the hill and around to a gravel lined entrance.

He returned many times after to investigate and take photos. During one visit he captured a ghost photo. 

A mist floating at the entrance to the tunnel.  Shaped like a person and in a slight shade of blue.  This gave Russ inspiration for the now famous name, “Blue Ghost Tunnel”.  It stuck along with a growing reputation.

Welland Canal

The boat highway of St. Catharine’s, between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. Championed by William Hamilton Merritt in 1824.

He was the once lord of the haunted Merritt House led the ambitious project before modern technology.  This construction was filled with danger, accidents, suicide, sabotage and foul play.

The Blue Ghost Tunnel became a strategic passageway meant as a temporary fix. 

Maybe lack of use blame is to blame. When tragedy struck in 1903.

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We were there years ago at 2am. Saw a big yellowish light like an old train coming into view. An old man’s shadow figure hunched over with a lantern was walking in front. Kept replaying. This was at the water end of the tunnel. Playing over the water. Very wild!!

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