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Blue Ghost Tunnel Experience | Batteries and Vandalism

A Mix of Ghost and Violence

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The experience at the Blue Ghost Tunnel doesn’t stay there. Instead becomes a part of Niagara, and maybe Canadian legend.

Two reputations mixed together into one article. One side, the ghosts reaching out to excited investigators. The second, an unfortunate and real occurrence.

Blue Ghost Tunnel - Paranormal Investigation (Creepy Canada)
Outside the Blue Ghost Tunnel – Creepy Canada filming

Reports off of our Facebook Fan Page a few years back. Shows the common experience of drained batteries…

“Been there!! Quite the experience! All phone, camera and flashlight batteries died when entering. We heard screams, mist-like apparitions appeared, bitter cold breezes and pockets of cold oppressive energy.”


“Didn’t get a chance to go all the way in. There were 14 of us. All but 1 flashlight stopped working before we got in, and my brand new camera completely died and didn’t start working again until we got to a pizza place afterwards.

“We were also followed by little kids. They tried scaring us. They kicked in our car doors and wrote on our windows”


Vandalism to Cars

Leslie’s experience is a good route into the unfortunate and real occurrence of car vandalism.

Unlike the Screaming Tunnel, Blue Ghost Tunnel is closed to the public. This is private property well guarded for liability reasons.

The empty canal lock is a big reason. No fences block off a dark path. Turn right for the tunnel. Turn left and you may fall 100 feet to your death into the Welland Canal.

For this reason, I understand the concerned owners.

Many reports of damaged cars. Broken into and vandalized as folks are visiting the tunnel. Not to be a conspiracy nut, but might be a setup deterrent to visitors. Just a thought…

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