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Why Casa Loma May Not be Haunted | Ghost Hunter’s Opinion

The Pellatt family barely got a chance. His home, Casa Loma, taken away so quickly after being built.

$3.5 million ($100 million today). 299 workers and 3 years to build. All for only 9 years inside his castle before the City of Toronto kicked out Sir Henry Pellatt and his family.

That’s not enough time!

What makes you think of a haunted house? Usually an old, decaying structure left abandoned to rot. There’s a reason for this sterotype.

It’s because nobody wants to like in a negative energetic home.

When at home we’re most relaxed. Even if you’re the most scientific thinker, when looking for a place to live you’ll feel it. When walking into the house. Everyone secretly asks, “Does it feel right?”

If wrong, you’ll feel it as dread. A mix of anxiety and wanting to get out. At times confirmed energy is in one room or space. Or the entire house is taken over. This is when it becomes abandoned.

Energy Built Up

The older the house, the more energy has built. Therefore, haunted houses are usually old (with exceptions like theatres).

Yes, Casa Loma is old. The difference… nobody lived in it.

The family left it after 9 years. Went over to the City of Toronto and eventually became a museum.

No “events” from people strongly connected with the space. Visitors in and out, mostly nice quiet visits with little to no energy expelled.

All We’re Left With – Sir Pellatt’s Sadness

Only Sir Henry himself. Denied his dream of his beloved castle. This leads me to an easy guess, he wasn’t happy about losing it.

Maybe this residual energy is short. Some tense moments in Casa Loma. Or, maybe we have a rare case. A conscious spirit choosing to return home (see Related Article below).

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