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Dark Lady Scares Ghost Guide | Custom House Hamilton

Custom House in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Hamilton Custom House is one of the most haunted buildings around. Definitely on all the Top Lists for the very haunted City of Hamilton.

So many experiences happened to us and our guides over the 20 or so years of doing events and tours inside the building.

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by Ghost Guide Daniel

Hamilton’s Old Custom House

The Hamilton’s Workers Arts & Heritage Centre (WAHC) is a beacon of cultural and historical significance in the heart of Hamilton, Ontario. 

It was established over 25 years ago by a visionary group of labor historians, artists, and union and community activists. Their dream was to create a community museum that would honor the history of workers and labor.

Hamilton’s Custom House on Stuart Street

What better than the historic Custom House building. A rich history giving the building so much energy. It served as…

  • The Custom House (taxing boats coming in)
  • A School
  • First YWCA
  • Homeless Shelter
  • Naples Macaroni Factory
  • Karate Dojo

Today, the centre stands as a vibrant hub that brings together community members, unions, local arts organizations, workers’ groups, and artists.

And, it once held the Ghost Walks!

Ghost Guide James’ Experience

Following is one experience our former Guide James will never forget …

James was preparing for his tour. Sitting on the floor, leaned against a corner of a back room just off of the Gift Shop.

He heard only silence, but saw the movement.  A shadow!  Spread up and along the wall, leading to the hallway door.

Nobody came in and still no sound. But he stood up anyway, ready to greet the coordinator, thinking it was time for the tour to begin.  

Hamilton Custom House at 51 Stuart Street - Worker's Arts and Heritage Centre

Then he froze.  The shape rose up, forming into a woman.  Slender neck and shoulders leading to a torso and puffing out like the old Victorian style dresses.  The woman’s shadow growing inside the beam of light. 

James fell back as the shadow grew bigger, like the woman was walking closer to him.  And then it faded. 

Minutes passed.  James dumbfounded on the floor, momentarily forgetting where he was. Then hearing footsteps, as a normally dressed coordinator called out from the hallway, 

“It’s time to start the tour!”

Written by Ghost Guide Daniel

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