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So Many Dead Bodies near Albion Falls

Hamilton mobsters are like no other in Canada. Albion Falls proves this.

This city was on par with Chicago in the 1920’s. And like Chi-town, we had our own famous bootlegger, Canada’s Capone, aka Rocco Perri.

Rocco lived on Bay Street South. Working from the house with his common-law wife, a Jewish woman named Bessie Starkman.

Together they were unstoppable. Rocco the charisma and muscle. Bessie the brains and finance. He was deemed King of the Bootleggers. However Bessie deserves so much credit too.

Mob dumping ground

Organized crime needs a body dumping ground. Such as a remote location far from the central city. Forests, quiet, and pitch black at night.

Like the movie scenes. The old 1920’s Ford parked just off a wooded path shining headlights into the woods. As two men in suits dig a hole. That happened in Hamilton!

Al Capone had one. Was a burial ground outside of Chicago (Bremen Township) known as Bachelor’s Grove.  Because it was remote, secret, and best of all, bodies already in the ground.

For Rocco Perri, it was Albion Falls (Mills).

The Torso

22 years pass and some kids are playing in the Albion woods about a kilometer from the Falls.  

Running down the hill on a sunny afternoon, a boy noticed it.

Albion Mount - Kids who found the Torso Evelyn Dick Murderess Hamilton
Albion Falls Area (Hamilton) — The kids who discovered the torso of John Dick

Looks like a dead animal on the fallen leaves, but something wasn’t right. So the kids got their parents. They knew it wasn’t an animal… it was wearing a shirt.

Because it was the human torso of John Dick…

CLICK TO VIEW JOHN DICK’S TORSO (warning: It’s Graphic)

So kicked off the infamous story of the Murderess Evelyn Dick. A story featured on our own Hamilton’s Dark History tour.

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Dick’s parents’ house was right near the bottom 0fvthe old Ottawa Street Mountain acess, traces of the old road still exist just south of the railroad tracks. Her dad could have easily loaded the body into the trunk of his car, driven up the Mountain to the brow and headed east towards Albion Falls to dump the body over the escarpment with no one seeing him.

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