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Death of William Red Snyder at West Virginia Penitentiary

Ghost Guide Daniel – – William “Red” Snyder was a violent man.  Born in 1946.  Starting with arson in his 20’s. Then, it escalated. And he served time in many prisons.

Released on parole from West Virginia Penitentiary in 1967.  One day later, he killed 2 men, returning him to the storied prison, and… leading to his murder.

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In this article expect violence, death & odd comments! Reader discretion is advised…

News Report after the Riot

A news report from 1989 Channel 12 News Clarksburg featuring the late Red Snyder …

From the West Virginia Penitentiary Facebook Page

The Murderer

After being paroled from West Virginia Penitentiary, Red returned home. Found out his 15 year old sister was in love with a neighbor boy from the nearby Grogg family. 

Not sure why this angered him.  We do know Red told his father, Emory Snyder, about wanting to kill the boy.  Emory told him, “Don’t do it!”

Maybe a reason why, the next morning, Red walked into his father’s bedroom. Stared down at his sleeping father, before taking out a gun. Shooting him to death.

Going to the Grogg’s

While Red’s father lay cold in his bed, he walked to the Grogg house. 

Their father, Frank, was out with his wife. The 8 kids at home, including his sister’s boyfriend. He took them all hostage.

When the parents got home, Frank Grogg jumped Red. Falling to the floor, they wrestled, both trying to get ahold of the gun. It went off! 

Both the Snyder and Grogg families lost their fathers on the same day. All thanks to Red Snyder.

Red Snyder Ran

He ran. But didn’t get far before running into local police. He tried to get away, but was stopped by a bullet. Not sure where the cop aimed, but it hit Red in the leg. 

They returned him to West Virginia Penitentiary.

Death of William Red Snyder at West Virginia Penitentiary
William “Red” Snyder

Now a double-murderer, his insanity caused unease with inmates.  He was feared by some and hunted by others.  Behind bars, Red lived a tense life.

Leader of Aryan’s

For a time he led the Aryan Brotherhood.  This is the United States’ oldest white supremacist prison gang. So prominent, it’s considered a national crime syndicate.

Started by Irish bikers in the 1960’s. It’s not proven, but today there’s believed to be over 20,000 members.

But Red’s involvement wasn’t thought to be for control or racism. Just to survive. 

Eventually gaining the reputation as a “straight shooter” among inmates. 

“You leave Red Snyder alone, and he’ll return the favor”


A calm began. The guards fondly remembering Red for always wearing a knit hat and a love for chewing tobacco. And best of all, his habitual viewing of the Soap Opera, Days of Our Lives.

This tense calm for almost 20 years. It changed in 1986.

During a riot. Which some say Red helped start. This led to the death of 3 inmates. And later on, a heavy lock down in the North Hall.

The Death of Red Snyder

Things move slow behind bars, but they move. Usually in a violent direction.

On Sunday November 15 1992, a good day. The guards felt comfortable letting inmates walk around. 

Believed to be his good friend, an inmate named Rusty Lassiter walked over to Red’s cell. They talked a little.  Laughing and joking around.

Then Rusty took out a sharp piece of metal. Later found to have been detached from his bed frame, and sharpened off the steel.

Rusty plunged the metal into Red’s body 37 times.

When the guards finally arrived, it’s said the walls of Cell #20 were drenched in blood. 

Red was dead.

Fighting for his Grave

They didn’t bury him in the prison cemetery.  Mostly because guards respected Red.

A fundraising effort started. The tag, “… buy Red a grave in Moundsville’s Riverview Cemetery, resting him with family”.

Death of William Red Snyder at West Virginia Penitentiary

Locals fought against it. Arguing they didn’t want a criminal given space in sacred ground.

But the guards won and Red was buried in Riverview under the agreement of a simple compromise with locals… no headstone! 

Red Snyder remains in that unmarked grave to this day.

What Happened to Rusty?

Rusty Lassiter is still alive. Was released on parole in 2009. Didn’t last long on the outside. Soon pinched on a drug charge and sent back to jail.

I think he resides in Huttonsville Correctional today. Which is also located in West Virginia.

Video Evidence of a Riot in 1979

The chaotic energy of the prison’s history on display during a 1973 riot…

From Associated Press

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25 replies on “Death of William Red Snyder at West Virginia Penitentiary”

Rusty was in Huttonsville in 2012. I caught my first Felony with Reds brother Bobby Snyder.In 1981.I don’t believe Rusty would have took Red down if Red had not been as fucked up as he was that day.He.was really high on Valium that day.And it slowed Reds reflexes down and Rusty took advantage of it.

Any time someone was killed onNORTH HALL IT was over the contraband trade.AB and AVENGERS mc. Kent Slie was a Snitch.When they say Red was crazy that’s an understatement.he was very Sadistic and truly Insane.I seen Bobby Snyder in 98 at the Regional jail at Flatwoods.

I did paranormal research at Moundsville in 2013, i communicated with RED SNYDER for over a Hour , it was The Most amazing thing i have ever been a part of, but i gatherd my composure in reds bed in his cell and as i got up i felt a ghostly hand on my Head , n i caught EVP there as same time i was leaving saying “LEADER” & “REVENGE” & “LOVE” & FREDDY & GET OUT & GALLOWS & METAL , KNIFE , FAMILY N HURT….SHOOO GIVES ME CHILLS BUT LATER WHEN I WAS HOME MY MOM LINDA SAID TURN AROUND. AS Iwas out of shower , n said u got 2 leeters on ur back n what lloks like a Red Heart under it i have THE PICTURE N A FAINT RED UNDER THOSE! 🖤 i was speechless! 🤷‍♂️✝️😢🎭 Hail Victory ! 14/88. also those disappeard after 14 days- 2 weeks ! Truly Amazing Shit! Fred – AB-WV-D.O.C

I know Mark Feathers!Ask him if he can do the walking 10 push ups on Dorm #7 with Pipeman & Hook running the Unit #7 intake dorm!Red Snyder & myself sparred been with boxing gloves on the yard with Mike Te ncher Kenny Eefdington Vice Myers Ralph Walton Lighteners horse for 420 Chambers& a few more pack mule Correction guards from 1982-1985! The place was wild and crazy!Rusty stole Red & he helped with Greg Yates assassination Bruce While stole Allen picking up a damn hand ball! But nothing about that was fair?Said & Sick!!

I would have never expected his prison best friend to kill him I mean that just showed how messed up these people really were and that the majority of them did deserve to be in that prison but a lot of them didn’t deserve what the prison guards did to them

I live right above red Snyder when he killed Rusty Lassiter along with Daniel Alexander’s and David Alexander has Scrappy and boom boom and then you had Ron Williams

I was in WVSP at Moundsville. We were very good acquaintances, Red was a great guy regardless of what he did. Walter “Tony” Holton, Ray Price, Carl Gilliam and me all hung out with Red alot on the yard

I was in WVSP at Moundsville. We were very good acquaintances, Red was a great guy regardless of what he did. Walter “Tony” Holton, Ray Price, Carl Gilliam and me all hung out with Red alot on the yard

They where at odds. Because Rusty became friends with another inmate Who testified against him over the 86 riot Bruce White … They became friends because Bruce had it all going on for him on north hall North hall is Gladiator Flash killing Hall you can smell death as soon as you walk in there that place like really off the change back in them days I was in North Hall 4 18 months I left Moundsville 1994 we hit it to Mount Olive I’ve been out of prison for several years now I never want to go back I will only go back is someone hurts my family that the only way I will ever go back to prison nothing to brag about it was dangerous days back in them times but today man of Huntsville are warzone because of the young kids trying to make a name for their selves the racking up their time just be in a gang be yourself don’t be a gang call the gang going to lead you straight to hell have a nice day

I was in a cell in western regional jail in 2016 with Bruce white when they got him for wrecking the car and trying to kill his ole lady and kids.. he told me the story of how that all went down. All I can say is for such a big ole boi that’s supposed to be a stone cold KILLER he was a BITCH !! seen him pitch one more hell of a bitch and whine like bitch if he couldn’t get the phone. Lol he’d threaten to rip em off the wall and smash them. LOL AND FOR SURE A RAT…

Because red wouldn’t come out and use the phone for Rusty and blue and we went to Mount 1995

I was in Moundsville when Red got killed All of you are failing to realize that it wasn’t only Rusty There was in. Fact another inmate Who snitched on them over the riot in 86 if you know who Im talking bout then you would know what all went down They got my friend Red high and drunk Then police open the door and let them in To kill him.. My friend never deserved to go out like that Bit as the saying goes You live by the knife you die by the knife.. Red rest in peace friend.. My 2 cousins Wino and Doug. Aka The Franklin brothers I love you all and I miss you all keep your heads up

My father spent many years there at moundsville his name was Clinton terry and my brothers girlfriends dad ervil board done like 16 years also I remember him talking about it once he said he was on north hall his cell was between reds and Rusty’s cell

This is a real good article, I am a firm believers in ghost or entities, the ones that are lost and need to see the light, I keep my faith in Jesus Christ cause only he can keep me safe from these entities!

I recall stories about R.D Wall, Rusty, Boyd Tomlin, Dale McCoy, Carl Echard, and a gentlemen named Dick Mohn, also a Charles W. Peacher whom is my 1/2 sister’s dad. Whom was put in Moundsville State Prison at the age of 19 for the murder of an officer, named Moreland.

I’ve done some time with rusty… he’s changed his life around he’s just an old man who’s on the street now with a woman he loves very much and works his ass off at his job to make a good life for the two of them

Where is Bruce white now ?he was dorm 11 rep in huttonsville , when I was there , he has a tattoo on upper arm I made on him , was he sent back to my olive or did he get out ?

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