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Elmo the Elemental | A Mansfield Reformatory Ghost

Negative energy rarely has a name. Not here!  Elmo the Elemental isn’t a Mansfield Reformatory ghost once human. It’s known as an elemental. In other words, a build-up of energy appearing in photography taken by guests.

Mansfield Reformatory via the Cleveland Memory Project (Mansfield Library) | Main Building
Historic view of Reformatory

Not your normal ghost photo!

The Red Glow called Elmo

A shining and familiar glow. Red like the famous Muppet.  That’s why they call it Elmo. 

It has no shape. Known to cause feelings of fear and anger. 

And unlike it’s adorable Sesame Street namesake… this ghost is said to be dangerous.  Because when it appears, accidents happen.

Ghost Photos

It’s a well known occurrence inside of haunted places. Energy captured on camera. Unseen by the limited human eye.

The best ghost photos precede or follow a strong experience. Such as the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall. In this case the woman apparition was seen and captured in the moment. Taken by Country Life Magazine in 1936.

Most, like Elmo the Elemental, are not seen. Detection tools able to pick up on the energy. Then photos taken, sound recorded. Leading to the best Ghost Photos and EVPs (ghost voices).

Vindictive Like Thing

Guests have been pushed on stairs. A thud on the back when coming down. Not hard, but enough to throw some off-balance.

Other guests are shocked when an unseen force smacks them across the chest. 

Every photo taken after the violence shows that little, guilty red glow.

If bright red, Elmo’s posing.  If you see a cluster of three red orbs, that means a rotten smell of decay will soon follow.

Like that time a small group walked through a room. The rotten smell rolled in. 

They turned on each other. Saying “Who farted?”.

Then one lady said, “I can’t take pictures!” Others confirmed. Meaning all the cameras in the room shut off at once.

Mansfield Reformatory via the Cleveland Memory Project (Mansfield Library) | Private Dining Room
Private Dining Room – Admin Wing

Retreating to the Administration Wing. The smell gone and all cameras started working again.

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