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Ghost Voices From the Merritt House | With EVP

After the ghost hunt we ended the night.  Going through recordings over the next few days. It yielded another first for me.  The EVP!

In case you don’t know. An EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon. It’s ghost voices over tape.  These are recordings said to pick up details the human ear cannot.  Means the Merritt House was full of them.

EVPs embedded in Article

Merritt House - 97.7 HTZ FM Station Current
St. Catharines Merritt House

Here are a couple of cool ones. 

Please note… Heard them many times. Think I know what’s being said.  However, the brain knows how to make sense out of nonsense.  And many times it gets confused.

I hear the words! You might not. 

Note out of the way, here are the EVPs.

The EVPs (Ghost Voices)

“Don’t Count on It”

Coming out of the basement.  Kate asks if the basement ghosts if they can follow us to the main floor.  Michele answers no.  Then the EVP voice sounding like an older woman says, “Don’t count on it”

Demonic “Anna”

Taken from a moment that night.  During a quiet part. A deep woman’s voice sounds to be saying, “Anna”

Agree with “Of Course Stephanie”

Our investigator was sharing some info related to the house.  When done, there’s a woman’s voice on the tape only.

As if agreeing. It said, “Of course Stephanie”.  That’s her name.

Maybe you heard what I heard. 

The rooms were controlled.  No voices of team or staff.  That was something else.

On Air Ghost – 97.7htz FM Morning Show

You might be thinking, “If it’s a radio station filled with EVPs, why don’t sounds seep through to on-air shows?”  The answer is … they do!

The following is from a 97.7Htz FM morning show. Not long after our 2001 visit.  An innocent contest cut off by something creepy. 

The hosts easily accept it being a ghost…

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