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Quick List of Ghosts in Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Fort George

Quick List of Ghosts in a Very Haunted Place

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Many ghosts called the land of Fort George home.

An angry British soldier. Seen, heard, and even felt around the Barracks #1.

My Own Spooky Experience at Fort George

Including my own interesting experience. During a Ghost Tour at Fort George many years back. I was outside the Officer’s House with the group of about 15.

Looking back to Barracks #1, I saw someone in a window moving back and forth from inside the building. We were pretty far. The movement was clear, but was unable to make out any details.

I tapped my ex on the shoulder and pointed it out, but by then the movement had stopped. Felt a little embarrassed. But never doubted what I saw that night.

Back to the Ghosts

A young girl. Heard and seen on the second floor of the Barracks #2 building.

Named Sarah. Her spirit now connected with a little girl buried in St. Mark’s Cemetery in Niagara-on-the-Lake. She’s said to have died at Fort George, buried in town before her family returned home. Sort of orphaned to the town.

From Ian Russel (Posted on GWS Fan Page) – – “Sarah-Ann was the daughter of Hannah and Thomas Tracey. A Troop Sergeant-Major in the King’s Dragoon Guards, Thomas was posted at Fort George.

“Sarah-Ann died on July 19, 1840 at 7 years of age. Leading to us encountering her several times during some of our paranormal investigations at Fort George.”

No doubt she’s be restless inside Fort George.

Likewise, people see soldiers. Experienced randomly outside the fort walls. Inside the walls a grey figure is seen. Walking the fields. Also leaning against trees.

Officer’s House

Inside the officer’s house. Guests spot a woman inside of an antique mirror. 

Located near a piano in the grand parlor. The instrument well known to play by itself. 

For example, groups in opposite rooms hear music before entering to find the parlor empty and quiet. Some have seen a woman in the near-by mirror combing her long brown hair.

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