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Blickling Hall | The Ultimate Love Story That Went Wrong | Haunting

Every year, Blickling Hall in Norfolk, England receives almost a quarter of a million visitors.

This Jacobean mansion house was the birthplace of Henry VIII’s second, and arguably most famous, wife, Anne Boleyn. Is now home to some very royal ghosts.

The story of Henry and Anne began as the ultimate love story that rocked the nation. With Henry’s first wife, Catherine of Aragon, unable to conceive a male heir. Henry changed the religion of the country from Catholic to the newly formed Church of England. To obtain a divorce.

Blickling Hall - Ghost of Anne Boleyn
Anne Boleyn

He was then able to legitimately marry Anne. With whom he’d already begun a passionate courtship. 

Downfall of Anne

Henry VIII’s marriage to Anne was a brief one, however, lasting only three years. During this time Anne gave birth to Elizabeth, who later became Queen of England.

However, still no male heir was produced, much to Henry VIII’s extreme anger. Anne sadly had several miscarriages. One of which happened on the date of Catherine of Aragon’s funeral.

This was perceived to be the beginning of the end for the doomed partnership of Henry and Anne. There were allegations of witchcraft, adultery and conspiracy. Already the King’s new mistress, Jane Seymour, had been moved into palace quarters.

Blickling Hall - Henry the VIII
Henry the VIII

It was only a matter of time before Anne got the chop. 

Goodbye Anne Boleyn

On the 19th May 1536, they executed poor Anne Boleyn under charges of treason and incest.

She’s quoted, on the eve of her death,

“I heard say the executioner is very good, and I have a little neck.”

Beheaded the following morning. The speed with which Henry moved on was astounding. It normally takes time to recover from a break-up. Jumping straight into another partnership quickly isn’t the best thing – you need to process things. Work out how to move forward.

Blickling Hall - Ghost of Anne Boleyn

But Henry married Jane just 10 days after the execution of Anne. Henry, at the age of 45, was in ill health. Keen for a male heir to the throne. Which never happened.

This fact, which has been the subject of many movies and books about Henry VIII, changed the course of history. Bringing England into the new Elizabethan age. 

Haunting of Blickling Hall

Legend has it that the spirit of the unfortunate Anne Boleyn returned to her birthplace.

On the 19th of May every year, the anniversary of her death, a spectre is seen walking the grounds. Sitting with her own head in her lap is Anne.

Or riding a coach driven by a headless horseman. When pulling to the hall’s entrance, it all vanishes.

Anne isn’t the only ghost that haunts Blickling. Her own father, Sir Thomas, is also seen. Legend says he’s cursed for not preventing the execution of Anne, but also her brother George. Executed as the victim of Henry’s “incest” lie.  

Blickling Hall has a history of royal connections and wealth. However, the Boleyn family were extremely unlucky in love and death. If you visit, you may see their ghosts walking the grounds in despair. 

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