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The Ghost of Helen Glattke in the Administration Wing

The Administration Wing of Mansfield Reformatory. Location of the Warden’s office and family apartment.  This is where both Arthur and Helen Glattke began their journey into death.

And where some say they remain.

Experiences around the “Pink Bathroom”

Many visitors will smell roses. Near Helen’s personal bathroom. Today referred to as the “Pink Bathroom”.

Scents are common in a haunting. During life, if the person was known for it. For example, cigar smoke from mostly male energy dominated spaces.

Roses fit well at Mansfield. The bathroom was Helen’s.

I was unable to find any significance of roses. Must be either fresh flowers or her perfume.

Mansfield Reformatory Ohio State - close-up
Administrative building of Mansfield Reformatory

Guest Reports

It is not uncommon for stories of a jammed camera shutter. So many photos are taken inside this prison. Many of them focused on this area.

Reports say the camera stays jammed until the guest leaves the Glattke apartment.

Also, it’s known that old buildings have trouble with heating and cooling.  In the Summer, heat quickly fills this apartment.

Strangely, visitors feel cold spots and breezes on the most sweltering of days.  Refreshing Ghost Hunters forced to stay in the space for hours and hours.

Theodore Glattke Doesn’t Believe It

Theodore Glattke is the youngest son of Arthur and Helen.  He was raised in this apartment.

Today, he despises how the building is used.

Wanting to speak out. He sat down with a ghost hunter named Rebecca Muller.

Why a Ghost Hunter? My guess is to speak directly to those with whom he disagrees.

He talked about his life. After which they quote Theodore’s feelings. Saying (edited for space)…

“I find it hard to think a spirit stays in a place rather than with loved ones. Haunting a house is a concept left over from when people [died where they were born]. I have little respect for the [ghost] stories… All the inaccurate pieces and sensationalism regarding their lives.”

Theodore Glattke

Personal Note on the Quote

I do understand his feelings. And agree, that a conscious spirit will sometimes stay with loved ones.

However, so many stories from ‘haunted houses’. Where relatives remain in the space long after new families move in.

Not sure if it’s a connection to the house. Or that the ghost experience comes from Residual Energy (left over, not conscious).

In either of these scenarios, it’s possible for Helen Glattke to be haunting her former home.

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