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Inn at the Falls Bracebridge | Haunted Room 105

In room 105 of the “main house” of the Inn at the Falls. An unknown woman is seen just before strange things begin to happen.

A man staying at the Inn at the Falls in room 105 returned for the night.  He walked into the room and found a woman sitting in the wing-back chair by the window.

He apologized and quickly backed out, only to realize this was his room.  Opened the door to find it empty.

My (Ghost Guide Daniel)’s Stay in Room 105

I went up to Bracebridge with my ex. Happened during a stay and investigation back in 2002…

“We checked in at the main house, confirming it was Room 105 that would be home for the entire stay. 

“Couldn’t wait to start what would be a few days locked away in Bracebridge.  Was at the height of my days in investigation, and was really looking forward to wandering the building late into the night seeking experiences.

“Funny the best experience would happen the moment I walking to Room 105.  Walked in with my ex behind me, turned and threw the bag on the bed. 

“Spun around to see the room, from the wind-back chair, window, desk and then the TV. Remember feeling something. As if we weren’t alone in the alone. Thought we just walked in on the maid.

“Was scanning the room. Then I saw it. Plain as day, but it didn’t register.  I kept looking across the room and after a few seconds finally realize what happened. 

“A face was in the middle of the TV screen! 

Snapped back and the screen was normal again.  It was just for a second, so fast my brain had to catch up. The face of a smiling woman in the middle of that dark screen.”

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