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Quick History of the Inn at the Falls in Bracebridge

The “Main Inn” house of Inn at the Falls was built in 1870 by a local named John Adair, then later purchased by a local Judge named William Crosby Mahaffy.

Judge Mahaffy was a larger than life character in Bracebridge. Turned the home into a center of politics.  Then he died away from the home, while visiting England for medical reasons. The staff are convinced he came back to the Inn at the Falls. 

Seen in the pub, or recognized by the smell of cigar smoke lingering inside the main parlor.

It was a family home until the early 1900’s, then serving as a youth home.  In 1943, they converted the house to an Inn. Many renovations, including a major one in 1955 after a fire.

Inn at the Falls - High Falls
Inn at the Falls – High Falls

Jackie Niven Refuses to Leave the Inn at the Falls

The Inn at the Falls is host to many ghosts, including that of former owner Jackie Niven. 

With her husband Jim, they ran the “Holiday House”, a previous version of the hotel in the 1970’s.  Jackie died of cancer inside the main house. Said to remain where she loved.

It has an energy. As picked up by Jim’s mother. She lived with the Niven’s in the home.  She said,

“This place has a mind of its own.  If it doesn’t like you, you stay will not be long” 

The Energy Stays On

The next owners proved that true with lots of strong activity, including ashtrays flying off tables.

historic bracebridge with falls
Historic Card showing iconic Falls

During the active period in the 1980’s, an office manager named Cathy ran into Jackie Niven. 

She said (from Haunted Ontario by Terry Boyle)…

“I had just reached the corridor when a woman suddenly appeared in the doorway.  She was so vivid.  I could describe everything she was wearing.  A small woman with shoulder-length dark brown hair.  Would have been in her 40s.  I just looked at her and within seconds she vanished into thin air”

After telling this experience to a housekeeper, Cathy said, “You just described Jackie”

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