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Invading Death Row in the Ottawa Jail

The following took place inside the Ottawa Jail. This is the historic local prison in Canada’s Capital. Today it’s a working Hostel where tourists can stay… on the cheap and for a story.

Many question the guilt of Patrick Whelan. This included, of course, his descendants. They still believe he’s innocent for the murder of Thomas D’Arcy McGee to this day. 

If true, imagine the pain and anger Whelan must have felt inside that cell. The depression world of the Ottawa Jail’s death row.

Considered a haunted hot-spot today, many believe the condemned man still occupies it.

My Experience with the Ouija

Outside the Cells of the Ottawa (Carleton) Jail
Outside the Cells of the Ottawa Jail

It happened during a bus tour of Ottawa over 10 years ago. 

We were staying in the Ottawa Jail. It was close to midnight. A few of us were wandering death row. 

Inside Patrick Whelan’s cell we setup the dreaded divination tool, The Ouija Board, for clear communication with his energy.

The board was very active. Clearly telling everyone we were talking with Patrick Whelan himself.  The questions started out light.

“How was it like to live in the jail?”. Then asking about his experiences.  Then got on the subject of McGee’s death.

That’s when the room’s energy completely shifted. The air got heavy and everyone felt discomfort.

It was so palpable. A couple folks felt faint. We left the cell and immediately ended this unofficial investigation.

For obvious reason, Whelan’s cell on death row remains one of the most haunted spaces in Canada. If tragic experiences cause ghosts, then where is this energy more powerful than here.

The emotions men waiting to die must have felt. So much worse if Whelan was actually innocent.

On Death Row, noises are heard at all hours. And Whelan himself seen walking the cell and hallways.

“Ouija Board is Good” Segment

Featuring Ottawa Jail experience. From Ghost Guide Daniel Podcast…

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