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Attempted Possession at St. Catharines Merritt House

Happened throughout the night at the Merritt House. A male energy from within the house harassed Kate.  She and Michele asked for a name, and the thing only mocked them. We didn’t know it’d end in possession.

Said to call it, “Booger”.

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We knew it was a joke.  Yet the name stuck, with similar karma as Beetlejuice from the movie.  To this day we’re all careful not to say the name as to call on the ghost.

“Booger” followed Kate through the house.  Pushing for her attention and distracting her from everything else.  Maybe a reason the night was energetic?

Not so much during the actual investigation, but what occurred after.  Starting when we walked through the parking lot to our cars.

After the Investigation

Walking with the team. I noticed Kate had disappeared.  I turned to see her by the garage standing straight and shaking uncontrollably.  Not the kind of shaking you can fake. 

More like when you’re sick.  Shudders from a cold weak body.

She yelled out,

“He’s trying to possess me!”

Back then I was new to the paranormal.  It’s my first time working with Kate and Michele.  Since then, by the way, together we’ve done many events, investigations and appearances. 

But in that moment, I didn’t know what to think.  Was this real life possession.

Parking Lot behind White House of Rock 97.7HTZ FM
Parking Lot behind White House of Rock 97.7HTZ FM

What could only be described as a ‘clearing’, like Reiki.  Michele put her hands an inch away on both sides of Kate.  Ran them down, shot them out and shook them off.  Sweeping away bad energy.

Then she said, “He’s gone” followed by a vivid experience. 

As Michele called out, a single amber spotlight over the garage shut off.  Darkness for a few seconds before lighting up again. 

The timing was eerie.

Ghostly History Episode on The Merritt House

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