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Events Leading to the Most Famous Disappearance in Canadian History

Ambrose Small disappearance occurred on a sunny afternoon on Tuesday December 2nd, 1919.

Almost 100 years in the future, and even with all the amazing technology, Small remains one of the most mysterious events in Canadian history.

1 day before he vanished, Ambrose signed a deal to sell all of his theatre interests. The next day he visited with his lawyer. Met in the small office inside Toronto’s Grand Opera House and finalized the deal.

The terms were right. Maybe just tired and wanting out of the business. By the end, Ambrose was $1 million richer. Part now and the rest paid out in installments.

This deal sold off all of Ambrose Small’s holdings, including…

  • Toronto’s Grand Opera House
  • London, Ontario’s Grand Theatre
  • Hamilton’s Princess Theatre (later called The Tivoli)
  • Many other holdings in several Ontario cities

The 56-year-old millionaire walked out of the meeting a free and retired man.

Theatres once owned by Ambrose Small before selling in 1919 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Theatres once owned by Ambrose Small before selling in 1919 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Grand Opera / London Grand / Hamilton Tivoli

His wife Theresa handled taking the cheque into the Dominion Bank at King & Yonge Streets. Ambrose tasked with spending the money on luxuries, including a fur coat and a new Cadillac.

Ambrose Small - Famous Canadian Disappearance - Wife Teresa Small
Ambrose Small – Famous Canadian Disappearance – Wife Theresa Small

The Disappearance of Ambrose Small… Why his Wife didn’t Care

Later in the afternoon he sat with the lawyer to celebrate. That’s when the lawyer left. He became the last man to see Ambrose alive.

Small didn’t come home for dinner that night.

This worried his wife. But she also knew her husband. This included his many affairs, taking advantage of young starlets from play’s inside his home base, Toronto’s Grand Opera House Theater.

Last thing Theresa Small wanted was a scandal. That’s why she let it be. 

Then four months later… she finally talked to the police!

Next… Detective Austin Mitchell Uses Psychics to find Ambrose Small (Coming Soon)

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