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Nuburgring | The Haunted Past Of A Forgotten Part Of The Track

Germany is well known for numerous haunted locations, including Frankenstien’s castle and the Conn Barracks. However, the famous motorsport racing circuit in Nüburg, Nuburgring, may also hold some haunted secrets.

Nüburgring | The Haunted Past
Nüburgring | The Haunted Past

While it’s northern track is famously known for a myriad of reasons. What remains of the old and forgotten track to the south may just hold more than meets the eye. Especially for those looking to see a ghost or two

The Legendary Nuburgring

For fans of motorsport, Nüburgring may ring a bell. It was recently the site of a Formula 1 race, the Eifel Grand Prix, in October of 2020.

Taking place on the GP-Strecke layout at the track. The race drew a large crowd of spectators, and took ample work to pull together. Formula 1 races are major logistical feats. Often requiring a large team of around 100 people and 50 tonnes of cargo.

Additionally, the racing circuit Nordschleife at Nüburgring has been quite notorious for being a challenging and demanding track to drive on. As it requires an immense amount of skill in order to navigate its twists, corners, and steep inclines. So much so that Formula 1 pilot Sir John Young Jackie Stewart actually nicknamed the Nordschleife circuit “Green Hell.”

However, there’s much more to the famous Nüburgring than simply being a challenging track. This is particularly the case on the “forgotten” southern circuit, Südschleife. Nordschliefe’s brother.

Südschleife | A track too haunted to drive on?

Nordschleife and Südschleife once comprised of two main tracks. Connected in a way that allowed drivers to drive in a continuous loop.

Today, however, the Südschleife portion has been abandoned and all but forgotten, and currently little of the original track remains due to construction that took place there to create something new. Regardless, the southern loop’s past isn’t one to be ignored. While drivers are eager to take on the Nordschleife, Südschleife, often brings to mind danger and a haunted past.

While considered dangerous due to the trees that surrounded it, a history of ghost sightings on the tracks by drivers was also said to be a concern. This is because ghosts were said to swoop between the trees and force the cars into unexplained accidents, undoubtedly making for an eerie site for those who choose to see what little remains of the southern track in person.

The Südschleife portion of the track claimed several lives back when it was in use, likely further adding to it’s paranormal reputation.

For motorsport drivers and enthusiasts alike, Nuburgring is a must-visit location when travelling to Germany.

However, those interested in the paranormal won’t be disappointed either — as long as they visit what remains of the forgotten southern track, Südschleife.

Having a dark history of several fatalities. Rumours of ghost sightings by drivers, there’s no doubt as to why Südschleife is no longer in use.

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