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How to Use the Ouija Board | Easy Team Method Instructions

Ghost Guide Daniel – – Below is a very unique take on the Ouija Board. Free of superstition. Stating strictly, the “Dreaded Divination Tool” is the best way to talk with the dead.

Is all the fear and dark reputation deserved? I answer this, and give the most effective team method for getting results

Note, the article is enough to setup a great session with the dead.

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Why you Fear the Ouija

The fear comes from a 1973 movie called The Exorcist. One scene caused people to hate the Ouija. Where the young girl named Regan is possessed by a demon after using the Ouija alone (see scene above). 

The movie was fiction. But the novel by William Peter Blatty is said to be based on a true case of possession in Georgetown, just outside of Washington DC.

No report on if the Ouija had anything to do with the real case. My guess… it didn’t.

What is the Ouija Board?

Physically it’s a board with letters, numbers, YES/NO and Goodbye.

Recent Ouija Session in Canada’s Most Haunted Town

The Planchette is a heart shaped device on pads or rollers used as a pointer. Spelling out spirit communication using the energies of multiple people (The Team).

It’s a Divination Tool. Like the Pendulum or Divining Rods. But, it’s the only one made for multiple people.

This is important when you don’t have psychic abilities. Psychics can initiate single person sessions with any Divination, and be able to control it. But for us regular folks, we need a kick!

The Ouija Board allows up to 4 members (as per the Team Method).

Ghost Hunting Tools of the Trade - Ouija Board Custom House
Ghost Hunting Tools of the Trade – Ouija Board Custom House

Is it Dangerous?

I’ve personally used them as investigation tools and for communication sessions at many ghost hunts and events. Am aware of the “dangers” associated with it. 

The extent of damage a Ouija can cause is unknown. But I’ve heard some horror stories. Dangerous enough to take note, but definitely not enough to completely avoid such an effective tool.

3 Rules of How to use the Ouija Board

  1. Be Serious
    This isn’t a Game (even though it’s sold at Toys-R-Us). Treat it as a serious communication tool. Your natural defenses will stay up.
  2. Never Use the Board in your Home
    This is where you’re at rest and where you sleep. Basically, where you’re most vulnerable.
  3. Always say Goodbye
    Even if you have to force the Planchette to Goodbye. This ends the session, “closing the door” (aka, shutting down your psychic connection).

Details and Personal Stories in…
How to Safely Use the Ouija Board – Ghost Guide Daniel – Amazon $2.99 Kindle

Team Method on How to Use the Ouija Board

How to Safely Use the Ouija Board goes into detail. But you can use the information in this article to setup a great session.

How to use the Ouija Board - Team Method
Graphic of Team Method

Below are physical and emotional guidelines…

Setup your Ouija Session Team

Should consist of 3-4 people touching the Planchette (Energizers & Leader), one person with a notepad to record communication (Documenter).  Optional: the friend who will scream at the first loud noise. Good energy!

Setup a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed. For flow during the Ouija session. Because breaking a connection causes problems. 

For comfort, it’s best to sit in chairs at a table. Not on the floor. A comfortable team is Happy Energy. Uncomfortable Energy causes problems.

Breakdown on Team Roles…

  • The Leader – Only one to speak during session while touching the Planchette. Documenter is allowed to whisper suggested questions, otherwise the Leader runs the session.
  • Energizers – Quiet participants there to lend their energy (touching the planchette).
  • Documenter – Records the communication. Can assist Leader to unravel confusing messages.

Detailed breakdown and stories of real sessions featured in the Booklet.

Some Quick Suggestions

Here are some quick suggestions to improve your communication results.

Candles are important

Setup some white candles.  Two reasons…

  1. They are a symbol of protection (the white light)
  2. The flame is a focal point to lure spirit energy. 

And you can use the flame as a tool. Asking the Spirit to prove presence…

Spirit, if you’re here, make the candle flame move (to the left or right)

Wholesome use of the Ouija – Norman Rockwell Painting


The Spirits are working through your energy.  Means focus is important. Lack of focus causes problems.

Focus on the feeling of a summoned Spirit. If it’s a person, try to picture them. If a stranger, just feel into the moment

Do not lose your train-of-thought. That’ll open the board to “Ouija Pirates”, basically Spirits who fight for control because they want attention.

Do Not Assume

Part of focus is to avoid assuming what the Spirit is going to say. 

As the Planchette moves, you may know what the spirit is saying. Ignore that thought. Don’t think or say the word.  Keep your mind clear.

Thought or yelling out the word causes problems. The Spirit gets confused. The session is compromised. 

Try to keep your brain (and mouth) quiet during the session. Only the Leader should talk. As in asking questions as the Documenter records.

Want to Know More about How to Use the Ouija Board?

Go get the booklet on Amazon! Or ask questions in comments below.

Here’s a Ghost Guide Daniel Podcast episode dedicated to using the Ouija Board. Along with 2 very creepy experiences …

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