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Death of RD Wall | Murdered in the Basement of West Virginia Penitentiary

Ghost Guide Daniel – – RD Wall s was a prisoner, maintenance clerk and popular inmate inside West Virginia Penitentiary.

Calmly serving his time. Getting along with both prisoners and guards.  As happy as an inmate can be… until some new transfers arrived.

Warning… things get brutal

Crown – the Main Administration Wing

Proof You Never Rat

These men believed guards and inmates should never talk.

They didn’t trust Wall.  Seeing him laughing with guards like old friends.  All the time not knowing he did small jobs in exchange for special rewards. 

What they thought was… RD Wall was a snitch.

Turns to Violence

It happened in 1979. The inmates hid inside a bathroom in the basement of West Virginia Penitentiary, both clutching dull “shivs” (an object sharpened into a makeshift knife).

RD Wall walked by, calmly walking to the boiler room for cleaning supplies.

They made sure he was alone. Listening into the darkness for the voices of inmates or guards. Only silence.

Pausing for a moment… they jumping out.  Pushing RD to the ground.

One man grabbed his hand. Using the “shiv”, he sliced, one-by-one, removing each of RD’s finger-tips. Then stabbing down and sawing into the bones of his hand.

The other cut into his neck. Stabbing and pushing hard, tearing into the skin with dull metal.

When guards found RD Wall, they reeled in disgust.  The body had been shoved in a bathroom stall.  His mostly severed head balanced on the neck, leaning against a stone wall.

YouTube Tour Video – Walking into the Basement (start at 1:23:00)

Confusing Death Date?

Look up every single reference on RD Wall (sp. Walls) and you’ll see his date of death listed as 1929. This is what I’ve believed for years.

Not from a lack of research. Instead, because 99% of all references to the brutal killing and ghost listed 1929. Didn’t even think to dispute.

Then recently, Peter Ecos posted a comment below this article calling out the date as wrong. I was skeptical, even after doing research.

Again, most sties listed it as 1929! Multiple sources, including a prominent Ghost TV Show.

Well, thanks to Peter’s tireless work… we have the article.

See below for Article Text

Shakedown Carried Out

From Mineral Daily News Tribune, West Virginia : Published on Wednesday October 10th, 1979

MOUNDSVILLE, W Va (UPI) – A shakedown – standard procedure when violence erupts – was carried out Tuesday at the West Virginia Penitentiary in the aftermath of two episodes that resulted in one death and three injured prisoners.

R.D. Walls, 57, serving a life term for rape in Logan County, was found stabbed to death in the maintenance area Monday.

A short time afterward, a melee flared in another section, among inmates Boyd Tomlin, Dale McCoy and Carl Echard were injured to the point that hospital treatment was needed.

A fourth prisoner, Rudolph Green, was put in a disciplinary cell. The trouble broke out as state police were at the prison investigating Walls stabbing.

“We’re going to stay with it (search) until it’s finished”, said Dick Mohn, the prison superintendent. “The institution is under control. It was never out of control.”

Violence Breeds Ghosts

Comes from the bursts of emotion. Any type of event causing emotional pain and confusion.

The stronger the event, the more powerful its ghost.


So here we have a good natured man attacked and killed. Completely unexpected and in a confined space he trusted. An area already surrounded by energy from other past events.

This burst merged into the “aura” of that space.

  • Initial fear
  • The killer’s anger
  • Guards disgust.

All of it left an impression. Making it no surprise the basement is a place for ghost investigators.

Many Ghost Hunters believe RD is down there. 

Ghost Reports include…

He seems obsessed with females guests. The most common experience happens to woman, such as…

  • Those with long hair will feel fingers running through it.
  • Others feel pressure on their cheeks, like from a stroking hand.

But men, don’t feel left out.

All have heard footsteps. While standing in the bathroom, the site of his death. They’ll hear someone slowly walking down the main stairs (picture above).

Then a man’s voice in the distance. To muffled to make out the words.

And the most vivid…

R.D. Wall seen walking down the hallway wearing his iconic khaki uniform. Turning into the boiler room.

Guests run after. Entering the boiler room to find they’re alone. 

Some have seen the hallway ghost without his head!

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4 replies on “Death of RD Wall | Murdered in the Basement of West Virginia Penitentiary”

You got the year wrong, it was 1979, not 1929. The inmate’s full name was Robert Daniel Wall and was serving a life sentence for rape.

Zak Baggins even said 1979 was the year R.D. Wall was killed in the West Virginia State Penitentiary or otherwise known as Moundsville State Penitentiary

I was just ahead of Rd coming off the yard we were the last 2 2 people were waiting inside the door for him they told me to get to p&r they were going to take RD out!

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