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The Rose Manor of Welland | Birdie’s Home

The Rose Manor Bed & Breakfast – Welland, Ontario, Canada

The Rose Manor is a traditional Bed & Breakfast in Welland, Ontario. Currently owned and operated by my sister Kristen, and myself (Kathryn) Groom.

Part of running a bed & breakfast means we live on-site, which means we get to experience the property’s ghosts firsthand.  Our main ghost being Birdie.  

The daughter of Hugh Alexander Rose, a prominent local Merchant in Welland.  Sister to Colonel Hugh Alexander Rose II, original owner of the Rose Manor house and veteran of WWI. 

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by Kathryn Groom, Co-Owner of Rose Manor B&B

Legend has it, Birdie was a premature baby. Hence the name (small, like a bird).

A drive around Welland, Ontario

Rose Manor History

The original section of The Rose Manor Bed & Breakfast finished in 1906.  This was an 18th birthday gift for Colonel Hugh Alexander Rose II. 

Builders redid it around 1920 in the Tudor Revival style, characterized by exposed timbers with stucco infill. Changed because Hugh became fascinated with that style while serving in Europe during the Great War.

The Rose family was prominent in Welland for generations.  They owned the neighbouring property, known as the Schooley-Rose House (at 33 Frazer Street) which originally served as Dr. Schooley’s medical practice.  

Then sold to Birdie’s father.  Birdie lived in the Schooley House until her death.  Was the last Rose to live there.

Birdie was forever single.  Rumours state she had fallen in love with a man from Buffalo.  Her father disapproved of the relationship, and she wasn’t allowed to marry him. 

Rose Manor Bed and Breakfast in Welland Ontario Canada - Hugh Alexander Rose 
Hugh Alexander Rose, Welland Merchant

And because she was a single woman, archaic laws forbade her from owning property.  Her brother oversaw the Schooley House for Birdie.  Where she lived, and eventually died in 1956.

Her last act… reading and burning all the letters from her Buffalo beau, the only man she ever loved.

Birdie Comes to Visit

We personally haven’t had any unwelcoming experiences inside Rose Manor. 

Birdie likes to open doors and drawers.  Occasionally, she makes a pot of coffee but doesn’t give off any negative energy at all.

Seems more active in the original section, as an addition was added in 2016 (location of our guest rooms).  Mostly we hear her walking around upstairs at night.  

Occasionally she will return lost items.  Things that mysteriously go missing.  Then, randomly, and as if out of nowhere, the item is returned.

If you’ve ever experienced a haunting, you’d know there is a big difference between a happy spirit and a restless one.  We’ve never picked up on any malicious feelings from Birdie.  Just little reminders she’s inside Rose Manor.

Old houses have quirks.  This sometimes explains away ghostly experience.  But, given how many people have had friendly experiences with Birdie, we think she’s here to stay.  And happy to be included.

Famous Ghost Rose Manor

The previous owners found our property to be quite active.  It ended up in an episode of Niagara’s Most Haunted Mansions (2016).  And have been told Rose Manor has hosted séances over the years, held in the original dining room.

Rose Manor Bed and Breakfast in Welland Ontario Canada
Rose Manor before Tudor Style

We like to think Birdie is happy to share Rose Manor with us.  Also, we’ve tried to honour the Rose family by naming our guest rooms after them (Rose, Birdie, Alexander and Jennie).  

Yes, seems Birdie is happy to have us… and would love to meet you!

Written by Kathryn Groom (with edits from Ghost Guide Daniel)

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