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Screaming Tunnel | Niagara’s Legendary Haunted Place to Visit

Tragic Story Creates a most Haunted Hot-Spot

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For over 100 years the legendary Screaming Tunnel in Thorold (Niagara Falls) has been a right-of-passage for St. Catharine’s youth. 

Are they brave enough, to go into this terrifying place at night?  Hold up a wooden match, facing the ghost of a murdered girl.  Those who take part are accepted.  Those who fail meet social ruin.


Why the Tunnel in St. Catharines Exists

Said to be a train tunnel built for the Grand Trunk Railway in the 1800’s.  A north-to-south line.  But instead, the tracks were placed over the tunnel going east-to-west.

The tunnel left abandoned, providing that cluster of houses easy access to the main road.

The Legend of the Screaming Tunnel

This is as much the story of the “Screaming Tunnel” as its ghost!  But why such fear… and why a wooden match?

Screaming Tunnel Niagara - Ghost Guide James outside with guest
Ghost Guide James outside with guest – Haunted Niagara Bus Trip

The far end of the tunnel leads into a pathway through woods.  Along this path existed a small cluster of homes.


Everyone knew everyone else’s business, including that of a distraught couple with an alcoholic father, his abused wife and their daughter.  After he got violent one too many times, the wife got up to leave him.

Screaming Tunnel Niagara - inside
Inside the Screaming Tunnel

He went into a rage.  “She’s my daughter too!”  The father knocked his wife unconscious and the little girl ran. 

She stumbled into the tunnel and crouched in the darkness before hearing her father approach.  Just his breath, then a snap and cold liquid poured down on her.  A small match lit up and tossed to the ground.

Her screams give the tunnel its name. 

A disturbing legend for a disturbing place.

Dead Zone (1983) Movie Films in Tunnel

The David Cronenberg movie filmed in the Niagara Region. Many scenes around Niagara-on-the-Lake and scenic route to Niagara Falls.

And one detour. Wonder how that production meeting went. If they chose the tunnel because the scene called for it. Or the legendary status of the Screaming Tunnel drew them to it.

In the scene, Johnny (Christopher Walken) examines a dead body in the tunnel. Here’s are scre-am shots from the movie…


Ghost Guide James tell the Legend

Video captured on the Haunted Niagara Bus Trip (2013) when visiting the Tunnel. Warning: Graphic Content

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