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Real History of the Screaming Tunnel | Niagara Haunt’s Legit Legend

Ghost Guide Daniel – – This was provided to us years ago by a local Niagara historian.  He talked with the only living descendant of the village once behind the Screaming Tunnel.

She has disdain for the brutal legend. Then telling a story. Her take on the real reason it’s called, “Screaming Tunnel”.


Ghost Guide Daniel Reads the Article

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Screaming Tunnel Niagara - general outside
From the Back | Once location of the small village

Every Niagara local knows the legend. A tragic story of a little girl. Chased by her drunk psychopathic father into the tunnel. Hiding during one of his rages.

She was found.

Legend of the Screaming Tunnel

The brutal legend behind the now famous name. A dark tourism site gains more attention everyday.

There was once a village located on the opposite side of the tunnel. It’s said you can still find old foundations among the trees.

It’s one of those communities where everyone knew each other’s business.

Looking down on one family. The father known for being an alcoholic. He’d mistreat his wife and daughter. As the years pass, a dark secret among the families.

Then the wife had enough. One too many frightening nights. The last promise of better days ahead. “I’ll stop. Just don’t leave!”

She planned it. He found out.

Legend states there was a fight. In the dead of night, the husband stopping his wife. Knocked her unconscious as the daughter ran out of the house.

He went into a rage. Walked from the house. Looking for the girl.

Hearing a noise from inside the access tunnel to the main road. “If I can’t have her, nobody will.”

Walking inside, holding a cannister of gasoline. It’s said he doused her in the liquid and then lit a wooden match.

The tunnel now named after her screams. A disturbing legend for a disturbing place.

Ghost Guide James outside screaming tunnel with guest
Outside the infamous tunnel – But is it really infamous?

False Legend

But what if that brutal legend wasn’t real?

We all know legends need skepticism. Stories aggrandized over generations. Changing over the years.

Eventually becoming a shadow of the true history.

It’s why we need this woman’s testimony. Her take on the infamous legend is important. To log a new story. A more simple reason the tunnel got it’s name.

How Screaming Tunnel Got it’s Name

She knew many details about the houses and area.  Told the historian about another woman. Her neighbor, who lived in a nearby house. 

She said,

“The neighbors didn’t like her.  She acted crazy.”

Went on about how the wife constantly fought with her husband. A common event. Everyone heard the wife yelling from inside their house.

“And every time, she walked calmly out of their house. Across the field and disappeared into the tunnel.  Couple second later, we all heard it. A loud scream.

She paused, looked down. A slight smile across her lips.

“The first time it happened we were scared.  After a while it felt normal. Expected.  She, and I swear this, walked to the middle of the tunnel and screamed at the top of her lungs. The birds never got used to it.”

The neighbors knew the wife wanted everyone to feel her pain.  Know how her husband was impossible.

And after a while the residents gave the tunnel a nickname…

“… we started calling it the Screaming Tunnel.”

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James Tells Legend

Video captured on the Haunted Niagara Bus Trip (2013) when visiting the Tunnel. Warning: Graphic Content

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