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Real History of the Screaming Tunnel | Niagara Haunt’s Legit Legend

From a Niagara Region Historian

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This was provided to us years ago by a local Niagara historian.  He talked with the only living descendant of the village once behind the Screaming Tunnel.


Every Niagara Region local knows the legend of this tunnel. The tragic story of a girl. Chased by her psychopathic father. Running into the tunnel to hide. Caught and burned alive.

A brutal legend behind the now famous name. A dark tourism site gain more attention everyday. A simple tunnel with a Google Map, and at the time of this article, over 200 high reviews.

Ghost Guide James outside screaming tunnel with guest
Outside the infamous tunnel – But is it really infamous?

False Legend

But what if the brutal legend wasn’t real?

We all know that legends need to be received with skepticism. Information and facts starting out aggrandized. Then changed over the years. Eventually becomes only a shadow of the original, true history.

This is why the woman’s testimony on the infamous legend is so important. To log a new story. Add to the details of why this simple tunnel got it’s name.

What She Said

She knew many details about the houses and area. 

Told the historian about a woman who lived in one of those houses.  Saying,

“The neighbours didn’t like her.  She acted crazy.”

Went on about how the wife fought with her husband. Saying it was happening all the time.

“Every time, she calmly walked out of the house and disappeared into the tunnel.  Couple second later we all heard a horrible scream.

“The first time it happened we were scared.  After a while it became normal.  She, I swear this, walked to the middle and screamed at the top of her lungs.”

They knew the wife wanted everyone to feel her suffering.  To know how her husband was completely impossible. 

After a while the residents gave the tunnel a nickname…

“… that’s when they started calling it the Screaming Tunnel.”

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