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Spirit Saves the Wine | A Keg Mansion Ghost Story

Ghost Guide Daniel – – The following experience happened to a customer. While using the second floor woman’s washroom inside Toronto’s Keg Mansion.

It’s very confusing. Why any ghost chooses to haunt a washroom.

This is the worst possible place to reach out. The living at their most vulnerable. Unwilling to take notice. Can’t be good spirit Karma!

Makes me think these ghosts are just being mean. Or maybe, like Captain Swayze at the Angel Inn in Niagara-on-the-Lake, it’s a different reason (kind of perv-y).

Keg Mansion - Current Day
The Keg Mansion

The Experience

A woman referred simply as KLR. She shared her experience in the woman’s washroom with us a few years back.

Dinner’s done. She ran to the washroom while her husband waited for the check.

The woman’s washroom is on the second floor. Space used for a bar / waiting area today. Not sure, but guess the washroom didn’t exist when it was the Massey’s home.

She walked into the washroom. Only then realizing she was carrying the bag with a bottle of wine she purchased earlier. Blamed her excitable subconscious.

In the washroom stall, she carefully hung the bag on the door hook. 

While doing her business, the plastic rustled from above.  She looked up to see the bag had pushed out from the door. It was off the hook. 

Instincts kicked in. She looked down and covered her face. Bracing herself for the crash.

Nothing. It never happened. 

Opening her eyes. The bag was sitting perfectly on the floor by her feet.  The wine bottle upright and fully intact. As if someone carefully placed it on the floor.

The Haunted Washroom

Not the only experience in this washroom. It’s said the energy is strange in that space.

I have no history to prove this space truly haunted. Other then the oval vestibule being just outside the door.

This is where the maid is said to have hanged herself.

Never experienced the space myself. I’m nothing like Captain Swayze of Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Angel Inn.

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