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Terry Boyle | The Only Time this Ghost Author saw Something Move

Was conveyed to the Ghost Walks by famed Haunted Ontario author Terry Boyle (RIP, 1953-2016) over 15 years ago when he spoke at an event in Hamilton.  We’ve done our best to recreate it in the great man’s word…

During his time investigating for Haunted Ontario

“We were taking a break, standing in the kitchen.  It was just the cook and me leaning against the counter, talking.  I noticed the movement first, out of the corner of my eye.

“Looked over and couldn’t believe what was happening.  I know this will sound crazy, and I’m the first to say that, but it was unmistakable… as an ashtray lifted off the counter, floated by my face and landed again on the counter between the cook and myself.

“If I didn’t see it, I wouldn’t have believed it”

Terry Boyle

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