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Things to Do in Niagara | Haunted Places to Visit

Mostly Free Haunted Places to Visit & Things to Do in Niagara

Make it a themed day!  Before coming to Niagara-on-the-Lake for the Ghost Walks.  Take a road trip around one of the most haunted regions in Canada.

This is a quick list of tourist destinations easy spots.  For more places and details, read our Top 10 Haunted Places in the Niagara Region.

Here are some ghostly things to do in Niagara…

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Laura Secord | Screaming Tunnel | Custom House | Drummond Hill | Hamilton Family Graveyard | Queenston Heights

by Ghost Guide Daniel


Ultimate Self-Tour of Niagara-on-the-Lake… our Audio Tour is now available. Different stories than the in-person Ghost Walks.

Laura Secord Homestead

For an indoor thing to do with a small entrance fee… highly recommend taking in important Canadian history.

It’s a tiny homestead hidden in the small and historic town of Queenston Heights. 

Home of Laura Secord.  A Canadian heroine who made the difficult trek up the escarpment, walking many kilometers to the Decew House in Thorold to warn the British soldiers.

Haunted Places Niagara Things to Do - Laura Secord Homestead

Her home has survived 200 years, including the Battle of Queenston Heights.  Today runs as a museum.

A ghostly occurrence happened to a young couple. While visiting during a tour, they were on the second floor. Hearing loud noises from the kitchen.  Listened down the stairs and it sounded like people destroying the house. 

Slowly they walked down.  Finding the first floor empty.

** The following is all self-tour and free things to do…

Visit the Screaming Tunnel

On the outskirts of Niagara-on-the-Lake at the end of a gravel road, this is the Screaming Tunnel.

A must-do for youth.  They are forced to come out and confront the ghost of a little girl burned alive inside the tunnel. 

The story was never proven, but remains a spooky legend.

Here’s what you need to do …

  1. Visit and walk to the middle of the tunnel.
  2. Light a wooden match and hold it up over your head.

They say you’ll hear a scream as the wind whirls up and puts out the match. Whether true or not, the legend caught the attention of thousands over the years. 

Including Canadian horror Director David Cronenberg.  He filmed a scene of his Stephen King adaptation, The Dead Zone, inside the Screaming Tunnel.

Niagara Region Haunted Things to Do - Screaming Tunnel
Dead Zone in Screaming Tunnel

See Niagara Falls’ Custom House

The original Custom House for Ontario’s oldest port of entry sits abandoned and haunted in Niagara Falls’ downtown core. 

Haunted Places Niagara Things to Do - Customs House

Nicknamed the “Old Stone Jug”, over the years served as Custom House and a Police Station. 

And a Morgue!  Well, actually, that was for Hollywood.  1953’s movie ‘Niagara’ filmed there, bringing with it, Marilyn Monroe!

Niagara Region Haunted Things to Do - Marilyn Monroe at Niagara Falls
Marilyn Monroe at Niagara Falls

And another legendary woman haunts the building.  Seen over the years from the windows.  She walks about in her white dress.

A rare, haunted cemetery at Drummond Hill

Looking for peaceful things to do?  Self tour tour a rare, haunted cemetery!

We’re don’t believe in haunted cemeteries.  But Drummond Hill is different!  Because of violent history.

Being the site of the Battle of Lundy’s Lane in the War of 1812.

Haunted Places Niagara Things to Do - Drummond Hill Cemetery

Over 200 men violently died here.  And 2,000 horribly injured. 

The battle got out of control. Cannon smoke so thick it confused soldiers to fire on their friends.

That’s why Drummond Hill Cemetery is haunted! 

Many see two British officers stumbling through Drummond Hill Cemetery, as if confused or hurt.

And, related to earlier, it’s the location of Laura Secord’s grave (far back corner).

Discover the Secret Hamilton Family Graveyard

It’s not haunted but deserves to be on any secret things to do!

From the well-known Drummond Hill to a secret family plot long forgotten by many. Currently on the grounds of Willowbank Mansion, the once home of a part of the Hamilton family.  

Located off the scenic route through Queenston Heights.  A rusted-out fence marks a pathway to the forgotten Hamilton Family Cemetery. 

It’s the resting place of Robert Hamilton (an original merchant in Niagara), and his wife Catharine (namesake for St. Catharines).  This is the main family of George Hamilton (founder of the City of Hamilton), who’s buried in the Hamilton Cemetery.

And was the temporary resting spot of General Isaac Brock.  After his monument was blown up during a Fenian raid.  They moved his corpse her, and it was moved back after constructing the current monument.

Niagara Region Haunted Things to Do - Secret Hamilton Family Graveyard in Queenston Heights
Secret Hamilton Family Graveyard

GOOGLE MAP OF LOCATION (careful with parking if you visit)

Look Down the Haunted Queenston Hill

And speaking of Canada’s most famous General.  Isaac Brock’s grave rounds off the list with a bang (sorry, not sorry)!

Located at the top of Queenston Heights, you can visit and look down on the hill.  This is where, in 1812, while charging during the Battle of Queenston Heights, Brock was gunned down by an American Sniper. 

Died where he fell. 

And it’s haunted!  Reports from drivers going up the hill at night. Some see a person crossing the road.  Others catch the figure, a British soldier in redcoat disappearing into the woods.

Brock’s death at Battle of Queenston Heights

See a full Google Map in the Ghost Walks’ Article, Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Niagara, featuring the above spots.

Written by Ghost Guide Daniel

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