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Tragic Love of Jane Riley at Albion Falls

A girl lived in the once prosperous Albion Falls (Mills).

At the age of marriage, she loved a dashing man named Joseph Rousseau. From a wealthy family, he courted the impoverished Riley.  It was frown upon by society, and more importantly by his own mother.

Joseph’s mother despised Jane.  She spread rumor’s around town.  Pestered and pushed her son to break up with the “lowly” girl.  Maybe he was a momma’s boy or maybe never loved the girl.

Jane’s Jilted

Most gentlemen would end the relationship, spare her feelings, but not Joseph. Cause him to become the playboy.  Talking flirtatious with young ladies, and seen in the town’s church with a known prostitute.

The news made its way to Jane.

On the outside she stood up for Joseph, “he would never do such things, not the man I loved”. Deep down she had to know the truth.

Jane Riley went insane.


Town’s folk saw her wandering alone in the woods.  Hair disheveled, dirt smeared across her face, screaming at the sky and whispering to herself.

It disturbed them, but nobody helped poor Jane Riley.

Days later, men working beneath the Albion Falls saw at the top two shadows appear over the sun’s glare.  Shielding their eyes and looking up, two girls balanced at the edge.

One reached out, missing, as the other leaned forward.

The men ran, splashing through the water, trying to see where she would land.

Strange Note

They watched her fall feet first, leading to an action removing all doubt this was an accident. Her dress billowed out like a parachute which slowed her descent.  Her desire to die was evident as she brushed it down and sped to the rocks below.

They stayed with her. Jane Riley barely alive, as the men reassured she would be okay.  She silently died after one hour.

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