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Trans Allegheny Asylum | Ghost Stories

The resident ghost of Trans Allegheny Asylum is Lily. The cute little girl ghost loved by many visitors. It’s why they try to find her. And if quiet, still leaving a toy behind.

Then a reason to not be a security guard in a haunted place.

Little Lily in Ward R

Lily is said to have haunted the 4th floor in Ward R even before a fire gutted it. The original design was changed in the 1930’s. 

Yet her strong energy still remains. Always talking with ghost hunters investigating the building.

Lily’s Origin Story

There are two origin stories for Lily. 

  1. Says she was a former patient. Spent her short life inside the walls of Trans Allegheny.
  2. The other legend says she was born to a female patient. Then kept safe by hospital staff. Finally dying of pneumonia at only 9 years old.

However she got into the building, there is no denying she’s around today. Ghost Hunters making contact with her spirit on many occasions.

Lovingly leaving toys for her to play with. Spread around her room on the 4th floor. 

Lily’s been known to move them around. Such as rolling a small ball. Some visitors sure the little girl was playing with them.

Kitchen Ghost

Workers and visitors feel like they’re being watched. And that’s during the day when others are around.

Imagine being a security guard. Alone, walking the building at night.

One was doing his rounds alone. Near the kitchen he felt it. Like someone was watching him. 

He felt dread. A common feeling when near a negative energy.

Then seeing movement. Behind an open access into the kitchen. 

He described it as a grayish figure.  Said it looked like a woman. I think because of the shape.

The figure hung still at the opening. The Guard did not see her eyes. But still knew she was staring out at him. It faded away.

Ghost Guide Daniel’s Ghostly History Episode

Here’s Ghost Guide Daniel’s original Ghostly History episode on the Trans Allegheny Asylum…

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