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What are ghosts & do spirits exist? | View of the Dead

Are ghosts real? What are ghosts? Questions paranormal folks asked for years.  Can it be answered?  Yes!  Can it be proven?  Not a snowball’s chance!

I’ve been in the paranormal business for over 20 years.  Starting with interest in history. Soon realizing, if you love history then ghost stories are not far away.

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Ghost Stories | House & Dolls | Energy Theory

Do Ghosts Exist?  What is a Ghost?  Article by Ghost Guide Daniel

by Ghost Guide Daniel

History & Ghosts are One

They are one.  Even the shallowest historical account from only twenty years ago can lead to a deep ghost story. 

An example is documented in live theaters. Hubs of energy with thousands of people over the years gathered to feel emotions.  Makes sense if you believe ghosts are made of energy.

Are ghosts real?  What are ghosts? Article - Brookside Theatre in London
Brookside Theatre

Even newer buildings report activity.  For example, the Brookside Theatre in Romford, UK…

Moving Chairs

It started as a theater in 2012!  Only two years later, a viral clip was caught by security cameras.

Skeptics said it was staged to promote the theater.  That might be true.  But after watching the footage, I’m convinced there’s something here.

  1. It’s subtle!  Faked videos are usually over the top.  Continuing for longer to hit the right algorithm rules and return good search results.  This video is less than a minute long.
  2. Something goes by the camera!  Did you see it?  Just before the chair moved, something moved slowly across the lens.  Happened a couple more times before and after the table moved.

And the other proof… theater ghost stories are widespread.  Just do a quick google search.  So many!

New Way to Love Ghost Stories

Most people get into ghost stories to be afraid.  Like when watching a tense horror movie filled with jump scares.  Along with thinking the dead and monsters are coming to get us.

I do love that feeling.  But it’s not the reason I’m passionate about ghostly tales. 

The other reason to love them… connection. 

Walking into a historic place and connecting with people who once lived there.  Now long dead.  Their memory remains through stories.  Standing in a room and picturing what happened.  Day to day lives before technologies we take for granted.  Trouble and tragedies along with excitement and love.

That’s connection through imagination. 

Then I hear the ghost story. Making it possible for the historical figure to still be there.  An energy signature representing who they were, as if able to stand beside me.

Churchill & Lincoln

Great example is a ghost story from the White House in Washington, DC. 

The famous British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, was staying overnight.  And many high-profile guests were given Abraham Lincoln’s bedroom. 

Some, including me, have made the claim that Lincoln is one of the most famous ghosts on Earth.  Once living in the White House and sleeping in that room during his most stressful moments

Being woke from deep rest by advisors.  Over time the room filling with tense energy connected to this dynamic man.  Many ghost stories from people who’ve stayed overnight.

Including Sir Winston Churchill.  He stayed at the White House while visiting at Christmastime in 1941.  During the darkest days of World War II and only two weeks after Pearl Harbor. 

One night after his evening bath.  Churchill out of the washroom into the Lincoln bedroom.  Picture this… he was stark naked, relaxed and had a cigar hanging out of his mouth.  You’re welcome!

He stopped still when seeing a man sitting by the window.  In the large chair he sat up straight with an arched back.  Looking towards the window but not outside.  The man’s gaze was nowhere, as if lost in thought.

Are ghosts real? What are ghosts? Article - Abraham Lincoln Post-Mortem Photograph
Abraham Lincoln Post-Mortem Photograph

It’s said Churchill was shocked.  But only for a moment.  Then identifying the recognizable face of the former President, just as the figure faded away.

This serves as a reminder of human energy.  And proof the most powerful people are never really gone.

Haunted Houses & Dolls

I’m an agnostic ghost hunter.  Believe in spiritual energy.  From humans to animals, to trees and plants, to the chair you’re sitting in … it’s all the same stuff.  Reality’s conscious energy.

Energy vibrating all the time, giving you life, and animating everything.  Can you feel it? 

With that thought it’s easy to believe in residual ghosts.  Left over energy from people doing things in life.  Backed by emotional bursts leaving deep impressions.

That’s why haunted houses are usually historic.  Energy builds up from different people living inside those walls.  An object (home) as a focus for over a hundred years.  People residing and dying during many events and tragedy. 

Same thought goes for old dolls.  The reason they’re so haunted.  Think Robert, Annabelle, or Lizzie.  Inanimate objects loved by children as if real.  Heightened kid energy transferred, before it fades, as they grow into responsible adults. 

Are ghosts real? What are ghosts? Article - Lizzie the Doll in Niagara-on-the-Lake 
Lizzie the Doll in Niagara-on-the-Lake 

A reason why a room full of dolls can be jarring to the senses.  Not just because of horror movies, like Chucky from Child’s Play.  We feel the living energy from them, while our brains tell us they’re just dolls. 

Doesn’t make sense.  Humans fear what we can’t understand.

Good or Bad Energy

That increased energy takes multiple forms.  A historic house, for example, can be good or bad.

Good energy built up from happy families living pleasant lives.  A home filled with love and support.  Many days and nights together, enjoying each other’s company.

Bad energy from strife.  Families trapped in stress and hatred stemming from disturbance and angry.  Events leading to tragedy.

It hangs over houses.  And those not sensitive to bad energy succumb to it.  Falling into anger, unaware the house may be feeding it.  Adding to the pile of strife as a house turns bad.

Explains why most “bad haunted houses” end up abandoned.  That old stereotype from horror movies.  The house on the hill left empty to rot.  Filled with tortured ghosts.  Living people go inside to be bombarded by dread and anxiety.

Not all Ghosts are Scary

To clarify, even good houses can be haunted.  A calm and loving place also has historic energy left from ordinary experience.

An example of this happening in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada.  A young girl living in a townhouse woke in the middle of the night.  A man was walking through her bedroom.  Approaching, turning, and passing through the wall.

Next day the mother had coffee with her next-door neighbor.  Telling her the story, “… my daughter has quite the imagination.” 

The neighbor’s face dropped, “Wait, my daughter saw the same man.”  Saying an apparition walked through the connected townhouses, like the hallways of an old manor house.

Years later the townhouses were demolished for a school. 

Are ghosts real? What are ghosts? Article - Townhouse Complex Location in Niagara-on-the-Lake 
Townhouse Complex Location in Niagara-on-the-Lake 

And they unearthed an old wine cellar that belonged to a manor house once on the same land.

The ghostly man… a butler!  Residual energy remaining from many trips from the wine cellar to the main house. 

There’s nothing terrifying about it!  Except the thought this butler was dead.  His skeleton resting in a grave somewhere as his ghost walked through the girl’s rooms. 

That’s not pleasant.  Beyond that it’s just energy going about a calm task decades after death. 

Energy Theory Foolproof?

Nope.  For me it’s strong but not without challenge.  Such as…

  1. Why don’t all the dead leave residual energy?
  2. Are there conscious spirits?
  3. Is the movie Ghostbusters real? 

Yes, #3 was a joke.  But, fun fact, Dan Aykroyd’s family is one of the oldest spiritualist families in Canada.   I’m getting off topic.

Here are my thoughts on the first two (aka, me working through the unknown subject as you witness my pain) …

Where’s All the Residual Energy

The Energy Theory poses people live at different levels.  Nothing “shines” (to borrow from Stephen King) more living things.  Makes me think life needs high levels of energy to function, accidentally proving why there are no ghosts of rocks.

Sticking with the living, some ponder why only random people end up ghosts.  So many theories.  Much stemming from religion. 

But from energy I’d say some people shine more than others.  The folks who have endless energy.  You’ll feel when they walk into a room.  We’re drawn to them because the energy is contagious.

Tony Robbins’ Ghost

Makes me think of Tony Robbins.  Don’t know him?  Highly recommend a Netflix doc called I Am Not Your Guru

Even in quiet moments when he’s listening, you can see intense energy.  Not off-putting, but comforting. 

I know Tony Robbins would make an amazing ghost!  However, there’s no guarantee he’ll become one.  Because the energy he embodies is spread out all over the world.  Through connections made with many.  Living on in memories, but not really connected to anything.

For fun, let’s say Tony did all his shows in one venue.  Thousands of people in the same theater space for decades.  His energy confined to one structure until the day he died.  Then living on in pictures, videos, and memorials setup in the same place.

Think he’d haunt it?  I do too!

I’m a Low Energy Non-Ghost

On the other side of the spectrum is little ol’ me.  Saying I’m low energy is an understatement.  If relaxing was a skill, I’d be a master.  Mix that with being anti-social and introverted.

When walking into a room I fade into the wall.  People don’t notice.  Most shocked when turning to see me standing behind them.

Yes, my energy increases when leading tours.  Being “Ghost Guide Daniel” for a bit while telling great stories.  But even then, my style is melting into the crowd.  Becoming one with group energy… that’s a little tour guide pro-tip.

I’m more of a guide than a leader.  Shining only enough to draw in the crowd. 

This energy does not make a ghost.  It flows with reality not creating waves.  Only existing in a state of calm.  And when over, it fades back into the ocean. 

And that’s okay!  The goal in life isn’t to become an amazing ghost (guarantee that’s the first time anyone’s said those words to you).  It’s to realize the reason you exist in the first place.

What is a Conscious Spirit

So far, I’ve focused on ghosts being residual energy.  Truly I believe this explains the most popular ghostly encounters from around the world. 

But what about conscious ghosts?  Interactions with spirits who acknowledge you.  Through tools such as recorders, as you yell into a dark room, “Are you there?”

Are ghosts real? What are ghosts? Article - Ouija Board Use
Ouija Board Use (Norman Rockwell Painting from 1920s)

EVPs are spirit voices caught on tape.  Many seem to directly answer ghost hunter’s questions.  Also, EMF detectors and Ouija Boards.  Both used for direct communication.

The Energy Subconscious

Here’s a theory… what if communication with “conscious spirits” is just our energy being reflected back?  I’ll use the Pendulum as an example. 

If you’ve never used a Pendulum … do it now!  It’s amazing for psychic connection.

Are ghosts real? What are ghosts? Article - Pendulum Use
A Gemstone Pendulum

How to use one…

  1. Hold it up by the chain, high enough so the gemstone is in front of your eyes.
  2. Ask two initial questions…
    1. Show me ‘Yes’ – note which way it spins.
    1. Show me ‘No’ – note which way it spins.
  3. Start asking Yes and No questions.

Spoiler, a ghost isn’t moving it.  Your hand is moving.  The craziest part… you don’t know your hand is moving! *mind-blown*

Nobody knows why this happens.  I think it’s connecting to a charge from your deep subconscious. 

If so, then this is a splendid way to learn about yourself.  Maybe tapping into hidden psychic abilities (believed to be in all of us).

Reflection of Consciousness

Back to the Ouija Board.  Here’s a tool allowing the connections of multiple people at one time.  Syncing and creating a shining hub of energy.

Lived experience with deep thoughts and muddled energy recycled through generations (reincarnation).  All manifesting something which didn’t exist before. 

This kind of personal energy should have the power to communicate.  The same theory behind manifesting spirits through deep belief over time. 

Leads me to believe most ghosts are residual remains of the past.  Such as…

  1. The Butler in Niagara-on-the-Lake
    Leftover energy of the man going from the wine cellar to the house over and over for years.  He didn’t acknowledge either of the girls terrified in their beds.
  2. Brookside Theater chair
    So many objects moved about in that space for the many shows featured.  Most likely those actual chairs in a place filled with dramatic folk who most likely believe in ghosts.
  3. Dolls
    Interacted with energetic children for years (older the doll, higher the energy), pass around to other kids as they grow too old.  A piece of each of them left with the doll once loved like a real person.

Got another example you’d like me to examine?  Comment below…

Are Ghosts Real?

In the end this proves… absolutely nothing at all! 

Ghost Guide Daniel’s Energy Theory is just a guiding light into the unknown world of ghosts.  And it works well for me.  Succeeding to create an open mind.  Allowing me to not get bogged down in scientific subtleties and include all the possibilities in the world of ghosts. 

After all, the paranormal is called “The Unknown” for a reason.

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