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Ghost Walks Gift Shop Niagara-on-the-Lake

Ghost Walks Gift Shop

126 Queen Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake

Home of the Ghost Walks in “Canada’s Most Haunted Town”, Niagara on the Lake.  Featuring novelties and artifacts (see below)

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Lizzie the Doll

Haunted Doll - Lizzie the Doll - Ghost Walks Gift Shop
Niagara's Haunted Doll

Niagara’s resident haunted doll. Lived in the Gift Shop since 2011, when moved from the old Museum of the Paranormal. The Queen of the Artifacts is known to blink and move around the shop on her own. Take a picture with her! People have said her face changes depending on her mood.

Historic dolls are the most haunted artifacts. Because, they’re loved like real people. Over the years, feeling that energy from children. Gives them a feeling of life when looking into those porcelain eyes.

The Attic Toy

Haunted Doll - The Attic Toy - Ghost Walks Gift Shop
Found Because a Ghost

Donated to the shop back in 2012. Said to be found in an attic. Stuffed behind a wall, the young son of a family was led into the attic by a little girl ghost. She stood and pointed to the secret location, where he found the toy.

However, we’re not sure of these facts. Main reason, the toy isn’t dirty and damage as you’d think something stuffed in an attic would be. Still we leave it out for you to decide.

Post Mortem Photos

Post Mortem Photographs - Ghost Walks Gift Shop
Real Pictures of the dead

Taken during the infancy of photography. Before thousands of cell phone pics were possible. One photo cost a fortune. So very few were taken… except after death. A way to remember the recently passed.

Services available to prop the body up, making it look alive. Or ways to simulate sleeping.

Custom House Boots

Haunted Artifacts - Hamilton's Custom House Boots - Ghost Walks Gift Shop
From Hamilton's Custom House

From the old Custom House in Hamilton. The boots were unearthed from a basement room after the building was saved from the wrecking ball (circa 1980’s). The room filled with dirt to support a tree growing through the lobby.

Got a reputation of being cursed. Nobody dared touch them, except one time. A manager egged on by her friend grabbed the boots. A chain link fence against the wall feel over on her. Happily donated to the shop in around 2013.

Death Masks

Haunted Artifacts - Death Masks - Ghost Walks Gift Shop
Replicas of Dark Tradition

Another old-timey tradition. Remember the dead. The corpse laid out and a mold made of their lifeless face. Here are replicas of three famous Hollywood figures from the 60s. Do you know? I’ll tell you… Right is Director Alfred Hitchcock, Middle is Frankenstein actor Boris Karloff and on the right Horror actor Vincent Price. He’s more wrinkled because… he was alive! The creepy fellow wanted the experience just before dying.

Spirit Children

Haunted Artifacts - Spirit Children - Ghost Walks Gift Shop
Psychic Portraits of the Dead

Portraits of recently deceased children from the other-side. An “energy art” popular during Victorian times. Coming from the tragedy of infant mortality.

A psychic draws the picture of the passed child. But not how they looked in life. Instead it’s how they look now on the other-side (or in heaven). This is a real example of two Spirit Children.

Top 10 Ghost Photos

.: ten :.

Haunted Artifacts - Jane Churm Ghost Photos - Ghost Walks Gift Shop
Jane Churm Burned Warehouse

Empty space after a fire. Jane Churm (from 1677) who set fire to buildings in the town appears. FAKE? – READ MORE

.: nine :.

Haunted Artifacts - Tombstone Arizona Ghost Photos - Ghost Walks Gift Shop
Tombstone Ghost -- Arizona

Empty field behind tourist in Tombstone, Arizona. Cowboy only in the photo, looks to be holding a knife.

.: eight :.

Haunted Artifacts - Queens House Ghost Photos - Ghost Walks Gift Shop
Queen's House

Inside Queen’s House section, Rev. Ralph Hardy snapped this picture. READ MORE HERE

.: seven :.

Haunted Artifacts - Lord Combermere Ghost Photos - Ghost Walks Gift Shop
Lord Combermere

While everyone was at Lord Combermere’s funeral, this was taken inside his house, sitting in his favorite chair READ MORE HERE

.: six :.

Haunted Artifacts - Sailors Ghost Photos - Ghost Walks Gift Shop
Sailors SS Watertown at Sea

Killed by a tank of gas, then buried at sea. The sailor’s faces are seen in the water. Taken by Captain Tracy READ MORE HERE

.: five :.

Haunted Artifacts - Mabels Mother Ghost Photos - Ghost Walks Gift Shop
Mabel's mom in the backseat at grave

Mabel at Mom’s grave. Takes photo in 1959 of husband waiting in the car. Woman appears in the back. Mabel swears it’s her mother.

.: four :.

Haunted Artifacts - Myrtles Plantation Ghost Photos - Ghost Walks Gift Shop
Chloe at Myrtles Plantation

Photo of Myrtles Plantation building for roof insurance. Shadow said to be Chloe, a family slave who killed the wife and kids out of revenge.

.: three :.

Haunted Artifacts - Bachelors Grove Ghost Photo - Ghost Walks Gift Shop
The Madonna of Bachelor's Grove

Cemetery picture of Bachelor’s Grove Burial Ground outside Chicago. Taken in the 1991, woman caught in distance sitting on the grave. READ MORE HERE

.: two :.

Haunted Artifacts - Brown Lady of Raynham Hall Ghost Photo - Ghost Walks Gift Shop
Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

Iconic photo of Dorothy Townshend who lived in the hall. Locked in her room and died in there. Photo taken by reporter during a visit for a magazine. READ MORE HERE

.: and at # one :.

Haunted Artifacts - Freddy Jackson Ghost Photo - Ghost Walks Gift Shop
Freddy Jackson -- Airplane Mechanic

Freddy Jackson, plane mechanic, dies after walking into a propeller in 1919. Knew the photo was being taken the next day and showed up. READ MORE HERE