Strange News Video – “Demonic Possession is Real says Doctor

Most recent Strange News Video Segment —

Article detailing the thoughts of a Doctor of Psychiatry. A scientific man giving his opinion of “demonic possession” from personal experience.


Strange News Video – Scientist, “Didn’t know not to believe!”

Most recent Strange News Video Segment — National Post article by Joanna Cheek about a scientific man named Christian Smith. Growing up with a famous psychic mom Geraldine Smith.

Daniel’s first time reading this article. Touches a personal issue with the scolding of paranormal experience. Nice article of a deep scientific thinker coming clean on his belief.


Hamilton Ontario Ghosts | Lights Video | Bellevue with Ghost Guide Daniel

Daniel intros anonymously submitted ghost light evidence. Proof of Hamilton Ontario Ghosts?…


Live Read Video | Chuck Manson wasn’t at WV Pen

First ever Live Read from the Ghost Guide Daniel Podcast YouTube Page…

First ever Read featuring an article written by… me! Dispelling the rumor of this killer. That he ever stayed at this famous haunted location, Moundsville’s West Virginia Penitentiary.

Little Charles with his mom Kathleen Maddox
Subject of Live Read – Charles with his mother (not sister) Kathleen

With 20 years in the Paranormal… Ghost Guide Daniel’s unique experience as an investigator and ghost tour guide allow for interesting tales. Dedicated to the Real Ghost Story. These raw, unedited and spooky discussions are bound to change skeptics to believers.

New Podcasts every week!

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March NOTL Dates Now Booking!

Niagara-on-the-Lake is back! Saturday’s in March are now up and booking at

Very limited space due to COVID limits


The Haunted Piano is For Sale

This is so rare! Never in our history have any of the shop displays/artifacts gone up for sale. Especially nothing like the Haunted Piano.

The Piano has served us well as a beautiful display for products and, of course, Lizzie the Doll.

But now it needs to move on. Get into a new home, get an upgrade and be played (like intended over 120 years ago!)

Don’t miss this chance to own an artifact!
Currently up on Kijiji – CLICK TO VIEW AD

Has been proudly on display for the Ghost Walks since 2011.


March Niagara-on-the-Lake Dates to be Posted

Good news everyone! Now that Niagara has some semblance of normal. The lockdown being done means we can put together some dates for Niagara-on-the-Lake!

It all begins slowly! Will post Saturday nights in March to kick things off. The rest of 2021 will come in about 2 weeks time.

This including the introduction of our newest Dark History tour.

So check back to the Niagara-on-the-Lake page on Monday February 22nd to see the new dates.

General Ghosts

Tools of the Trade for Ghost Hunting

Article by Ghost Guide Daniel

The following list of investigative tools used by the Ghost Walks for years.  Sorted into 2 categories.  Both holding a strong reputation in the paranormal, and both summed up as tools for a field steeped in the unknown.


Welcome to the New Ghost Walks

After long last, the new Ghost Walks site is up and running. Been a labour of love for the past month or so. Hard to get motivated about improving a site for tours we’re no allowed to do (at this time).

Hopefully by the time you’re reading this, everything’s back to normal!