Castle Kilbride

This fully indoor tour is our most active.  You’ll be secluded inside the house, which is perfect for experiences.

Featuring grandeur from an artist who should have been dead.  Also, playful kids throughout, including Kilbride’s resident spirit.  Haunted antiques find their way back.  And stand in a rare intact Widow’s Walk.

The most beautiful mansion we’ve seen.  With free parking and Baden’s Town Hall.


On-Hiatus due to COVID. Returns in 2021…

Township of Wilmot

Township of Wilmot MAP
60 Snyder’s Rd W (side glass doors)
Baden, Ontario

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Adults . . . . . . . $16.81
Kids 13 & under . . . . $10.62
Seniors 60 & over . $13.27

+ HST Tax / No Hidden Fees!

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  • Delayed in 2021
    • Due to COVID
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FAQ & Interesting Info

Why we are different from other Ghost Tours?

A focus on masterful storytelling at a reasonable price (with no hidden fees!).  First, we’ve put special attention into respecting the ghost story.  Also, with a dedication to traditional styles mixed with natural (and interesting) odd history.  This is our specialty since 2003.

Are group discounts available?

If you have a group of 8 or more people we may be able to provide a discount depending on night and time of year. Find out by Making Contact.   Mention the number of people.

Why are dates and times missing when booking?

When a date or time slot is missing in the Booking… If a missing time, that tour time is sold out.  A missing date, means the entire night is sold out.

Should I book in advance?

Yes.  We are very limited on space for tours (2020/21).  Advance bookings allows us to guarantee spots for you, and book in additional guides if needed.

Famous Connection | Sir Adam Beck

You know the main power plant in Niagara Falls, one with the ivy growing up the walls, along the Scenic Route.  It’s named after him.

Adam grow up in Baden with his family.  Later moved away, become a politician, climbed the ladder and pushed for the introduction of Hydroelectricity in Ontario.

His idea… use the waters of Niagara Falls to power Toronto and surrounding cities.  Changed Ontario and later Canada.

In 1914 Adam Beck was knighted

He was friends with the Livingston’s, and personally rewired a gas lamp for James in Kilbride.  Lamp’s still there, standing near the front door.

Castle Kilbride Ghost Walks - Sir Adam Beck Lamp

Known Legend | Servant Stairwell

Anyone who knows about Castle Kilbride, has heard of the legendary little girl ghost on the Servant Stairs.

History Supports It

Generations of Livingston kids used them for innocent purposes like getting to the famous Toy Room.  Once considered the largest collection of toys in Canada. 

Or to sneak into the attic for a fun game of hide-and-seek.

And one not-so-innocent reason… to slide dangerously down this bannister.  Seriously, us adults take one look and it’s, “Nope”.  But kids see only fun!

The Legend

There’s a legend from the time of James.  Says one of the Livingston daughters was sliding down the bannister.  She slipped off, feel to the bottom, broke her neck and died.  Now she haunts these stairs for eternity. 

Sounds over the top right?  Cause it is.  This legend most likely originated from a real accident. 

James’s daughters Edna and Alice were playing on the stairs.  Sliding down, running back up, and jumping on to slide again.  Edna fell landing on the stairs below. 

She ran to her mother, squeaked out, “I can’t breath, I can’t breath” 

They thought she would die.  That is, until Edna miraculously felt better.  The cause of her recovery, knowing the doctor was on his way over to Kilbride. 

That’s one reason for the legend.  The other… James and Louise made it up!  To scare the kids into behaving.  

However, the ghostly experiences are real. 

Who or what is this ghost, plus experiences featured on the tour.

Into The Widow’s Walk | Video

Look up!  James and Louise added the covered Widow’s Walk up those stairs.  The reason, it’s beautiful, and… James liked to watch his empire.

Like a King looking down from the tower of his castle.  Him alone and somethings with Louise.

What was It Like

Try to visualize it for a moment… you’re a worker in the field, or towns folk walking by.  You look up to this striking house and see the figures of James and Louise looking down.

Would you be impressed, maybe uncomfortable?  You don’t have to feel either.  Now you get to stand where James stood.

Here’s a video experience walking up one of the few fully intact and accessible Widow’s Walks in Canada