Castle Kilbride

This fully indoor tour is our most active.  Secluded inside the house, perfect for experiences.  It hasn’t disappointed.

Featuring grandeur from an artist who should have been dead.  Playful kids throughout, including Kilbride’s resident spirit.  Haunted antiques find their way back.  And stand in a rare intact Widow’s Walk.

The most beautiful mansion we’ve seen.  With free parking and Baden’s Town Hall.


Castle Kilbride

Stunning view of a stunning mansion

Grand Staircase

Surrounded by the artistry of the house

LL's Bedroom

Kilbride’s resident ghost

Township of Wilmot (side glass doors)

60 Snyder’s Road West
Baden MAP


Adults . . . . . . . $15.04
Kids 13 & under . . . . $8.85
Seniors 60 & over . $13.27
+ HST Tax

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FAQ & About Castle Kilbride

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A focus on masterful storytelling and a reasonable price. We’ve put special attention into respecting the ghost story. This dedication to traditional styles mixes well with the natural (and only interesting) odd history. It’s been our specialty since 2003!

If you have a group of 8 or more people we may be able to provide a discount depending on night and time of year. Find out by Making Contact.   Mention the number of people.

If a time is missing from the Book Now form, it means that tour time is fully booked and unavailable. If the date is missing, it means the entire Ghost Walk is sold out.

Ghost Criminal

The current mayor of Baden, Les Armstrong, was once a police officer.  One night a call came into the station from an upset man.

“What’s wrong Harris?”, talking with Harris Veitch, husband of Laura Louise (granddaughter of patriarch James Livingston). He was beyond words.

Les rushed over to Kilbride to find Harris in the back kitchen. Something didn’t feel right, as he snuck around the man hunched over on a kitchen chair.   Then backing off when seeing the gun in Harris’s lap.

Stuttering out, “I came home from seeing Laura Louise in the hospital.  The light fixture… Les it was swinging.  The house didn’t feel right.  I swear, someone was in here.”

Les confirmed no signs of a break-in, everything was still in place, nothing stolen.  Took him a long time to finally calm Harris down.

Daniel of the Ghost Walks

I'm a paranormal enthusiast since founding Haunted Hamilton back in 1999. Started with Hamilton's Bellevue Mansion (2000) and been hooked ever since. Left HH in 2012 to focus on my passion, the Ghost Walks. I love telling the stories of witnesses, and from the past, with the goal of proving ghosts are real.

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