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Top 10 Haunted Places to Visit in Niagara

With all the wineries and museums to visit, you may not have time.  However, I wanted to make it easy to visit the most haunted places in the Niagara Falls Region. Cause they don’t get deserved attention! 

From the darker side of known buildings and museums.  To a rare, haunted cemetery which shouldn’t be missed.

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Top 10 Haunted Places to Visit in Hamilton

The city of Hamilton is uniquely haunted.  Because when you look at the on-the-books history, you’ll wonder… How can it be so haunted with a limited history?

Peel away that layer and realize a hidden history of loyalist settlements.  Still seen in the names of the smaller towns making up the city.  And the lost name of Barton, once the township making up the centre of Hamilton.

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Nursing Home Ghost Story

The following is strongly based upon a real ghost experience inside a nursing home. All names have been changed to protect the witnesses.

Hospitals and Nursing Home s are locations of legend in the paranormal. So many experiences, never talked about due to sensitivity to the passed. It’s rare to get a detailed story. This is one of those stories…

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Scottish Rite of Freemasonry | Lady in the White Dress Ghost Story

Some of our best ghost stories are no longer told to the public. This includes the amazing tales inside Hamilton’s Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

The tour is over, but thanks to this website (and Ghost Guide Daniel Podcast) they can still be told to the world!

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The Real Poltergeist | Ghost Story behind the 80’s Movie

In 1958, a man named James Herrmann got a call from his wife. That simple phone call started a series of events around the family’s poltergeist.

This experience in Long Island, New York, inspired the famous 1980’s movie. Propelling the term to new infamous heights.


Message from a Friend | A Ghost Story

The following fiction story is based upon a real paranormal experience. The names have been changed to protect the witnesses.

**Listen to the Original True Story as told by Edgar Mills (first segment)

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Top 3 Must Visit Haunted Places in the Bahamas

By the end of 2019, foreign air and sea arrivals to the Bahamas had totaled more than 7.2 million. Making it a record-breaking year according to the Department of Immigration, Port Authority and Customs.

However, while most people visit the islands for their pristine beaches and lure of relaxation, there are many haunted sites worth visiting for those looking for a paranormal allure.

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Smith College, Massachusetts | The Most Haunted Campus in America?

Many of America’s universities and colleges, like Smith College, have histories dating back to the 1800s or earlier, so it is no surprise that they often make intriguing sites for paranormal investigations.

From Civil War soldiers roaming the campus at Gettysburg College to poltergeist activity at Ohio University. There have been incidents reported across the entire US.


Could You Catch a Ghost on Video?

The paranormal reality show Ghost Hunters attracted an impressive 3 million views per episode, highlighting just how popular it had become.

However, for those who want to replicate such an experience. Try to capture a ghost on video, doing so seems impossible. Unethical in some cases.

From the benefits that video can bring, to the downsides involved, and how to go about potentially filming your next adventure… here’s what you need to know.

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Fort Mississauga History in Niagara on the Lake | A Hidden Haunt

In all of Fort Mississauga history, it never saw a shot fired.  Built in 1814 after the Americans left Niagara-on-the-Lake and Upper Canada.

Fort George was in ruins. The British rushed to building this Fort to discourage a second attack from the Americans. 

Soldiers remained on-duty here until 1840. Today, the fort is located at the back of the Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Course.