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Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau of New Orleans | Podcast

HOSTED BY GHOST GUIDE DANIEL – The legend of (arguably) the most interesting woman in history.  Voodoo only a part of her story.  Marie the Saint, the Savior, and the keeper of secrets.  And her powerful ghost haunting New Orleans for almost 100 years. 

Feature Locations: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


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Ghosts of Dearborn Michigan

by Jane Sandwood

The city of Dearborn Michigan, is best known as the birthplace of Henry Ford. But long before his father established a farm on what is now the intersection of Ford Road and Greenfield Road. The area had been occupied for generations of First Nations tribes, especially the Potawatomi.

Dearborn Michigan Township was incorporated in 1833, named after Henry Dearborn, who was Secretary of War under President Jefferson.

With so much history attached to the area, it should come as no surprise that Dearborn is the center of several hauntings, one of which is directly associated with the motor industry that put Dearborn on the map.

Most Infamous Limo in History

In the 1960s, Henry Ford’s motoring legacy was at the height of its power. Cars from that era are design icons. Driven or shipped to classic shows or between museums across the world.

Dearborn has its own car museum, of course, but one exhibit stands out from the rest.

November 22 1963 is a day that changed history. We have all seen the footage of President Kennedy’s tragic final journey in Dallas.

What fewer people know. The 1961 Lincoln 74A Convertible in which he was assassinated remained in Presidential service for another four years.

JFK Limo on display

Even after it was replaced, it was used for other duties. Until 1978, when it was retired and put on display at the Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan.

That’s when the ghostly sightings began. Nobody is sure of the identity of the man in gray seen standing beside the car. Seen when the museum is due to close, but he is most commonly sighted on or around November 22.

Dearborn School Footsteps

At Crestwood High School, in Dearborn Heights, multiple witnesses have reported sightings of ghosts walking the halls at night. Sounds coming from classrooms that are empty and items being moved.

Students have also reported hearing voices behind them while walking around in broad daylight. Only to find they are quite alone.

The origins of the hauntings are unknown, as there are no known tragedies associated with the school.

Searching for Jack at Dunworth Pool

Located in Levagood Park to the west of Dearborn, Dunworth Pool is a popular place for a children during summer days.

At night, the park is locked, but overnight maintenance staff often hear children running around and calling for Jack.

Police have even been called on several occasions, but while nobody has ever been seen, the noises continue.

Restless Night’s Sleep Guaranteed

If you stay the night in Dearborn, there is not one but two haunted hotels you could investigate.

Dearborn Inn in Michigan

The Dearborn Inn is one of the top places to stay in the city, and has plenty of history attached to it. The once grandiose hotel fell into disrepair in the late 20th century, but the Marriot Group took over its management in the 1980s and invested heavily in its renovation.

Tragedy struck while the work was ongoing, when a man fell from the roof to his death, and he is said to haunt the area.

Meanwhile, if you book into the Henry Hotel in the city center, request Suite 418 if you dare.

Residents staying in this room claim to have seen doors open and close, and lights flicker on and off by themselves.  

~ Jane Sandwood

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Phoebe Wise, the Ghost of Reformatory Road | Podcast

HOSTED BY GHOST GUIDE DANIEL – Mansfield Reformatory… one of the most haunted places in the world, foils Phoebe Wise again!  Daniel talks about his personal experience at the Reformatory.  And witnessing an amazing former psychic in his HH days confront a ghost in the cell block.

Then Phoebe gets her due!  The tragedy of her life and how she became the Ghost of Reformatory Road in Ohio!

Feature Locations: Mansfield, Ohio, USA


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The Sullivans Destroyer | Ghosts of Buffalo Naval Park

Naval Park – Buffalo, New York, USA

Named for five brothers who lost their lives in the Battle of the Solomon Islands in 1942 when their ship sunk.  Overall, the Allies lost about 7,100 men in this campaign before retaking the Islands. 

The Destroyer is an excellent example of the largest and most important class of ship used during World War II.

Named after the Sullivan Brothers.  Five military brothers who refused to split during the war.  They were all killed at the same time during in the same battle.  George survived the longest in the waters before drowning.

Due to the boat’s namesakes… many believe George is the resident ghost.  Racked with guilt for not being able to save his brothers.  Now trapped in the shop which bears their name.

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Can Ghosts Make you Sick?

Feature Locations: Fall River, MA, USA & Peover, England, UK- –

HOSTED BY GHOST GUIDE DANIEL – Breaking down a strange idea.  Can Spirits affect the living, and how is it possible?  Featuring the abandoned haunted house idea. 

Along with the Lizzie Borden House and Crown Inn (a haunted pub in England).  Different types of sickness and pain, all blamed on ghosts!

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Ghosts & the Afterlife Review

Feature Locations: Amazon Prime & Calabasas, CA, USA- –

HOSTED BY GHOST GUIDE DANIEL – Why Daniel switched back to “Ghost Guide Daniel”. Failure of Ghostly History. Then he watched the documentary, Ghosts & the Afterlife currently on Prime in Canada.  Some thought-provoking ideas, and a heap of cheese.

Plus, one location he hadn’t heard of, a creepy haunted tree with a violent past in California.

Canada Podcast United States

Two Creepy Ouija Board Stories

Feature Locations: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada & Youngstown, NY, USA- –

HOSTED BY GHOST GUIDE DANIEL – Finally, a Ouija episode.  Featuring 2 never-before-told stories from Fort Niagara and his own home! 

Podcast United States

Surviving in a Haunted House | Interview

Feature Locations: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA – –

HOSTED BY GHOST GUIDE DANIEL – Interview with the author of Under Attack: Surviving in a Haunted House.  Based on his experience in a believed to be cursed house as a child in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Over-the-top experiences from a legit source.  Daniel believes in Edward Olsen!  Even changing a long-held view on the most extreme fear about ghosts.

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West Virginia Pen’s Dark Sugar Shack

Feature Locations: Moundsville, West Virginia, USA – –

HOSTED BY GHOST GUIDE DANIEL – With a history reading like a Horror Movie Script, West Virginia Penitentiary is a truly haunted place.  This episode is dedicated to a lighter spot, but the history is dark in a much stranger and terrible way.

Dark history of the prison.  What it’s like to visit, and the State’s storied past around executions.

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Franklin Castle Cleveland | History Ghosts & Judy Garland

Franklin Castle is the beautiful house in Cleveland is considered one of Ohio’s most notoriously haunted.  A family’s death curse leads to many legends.  And ghosts remain as a reminder of the family’s challenges.

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