Dark Trolley Tour

The Dark Trolley Tour is a fun ride along Hamilton’s picturesque waterfront… at night… with dark history and ghosts!

Relax as stories are told over the mic of Hamilton’s open-air Harbourfront Trolley cars.

Featuring the Ghosts of the Great Lakes, death and burials in the quiet deep.  Plus the cursed Heights, and stand on the site of Canada’s tragic historic train disaster for a story you’ll not soon forget.

Popular hybrid dark history / ghost tour.  With Free and easy parking beside Pier 4 Park



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Pier 4 Park Courtyard (by building)

64 Leander Drive, Hamilton MAP
(Start in main Pier 4 courtyard at Trolley Stop #4)

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General . . . . . . . $17.00

+ HST Tax / Small Booking Fee

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Why we are different from other Tours?

A focus on masterful storytelling at a reasonable price (with no hidden fees!).  First, we’ve put special attention into respecting the ghost story.  Also, with a dedication to traditional styles mixed with natural (and interesting) odd history.  This is our specialty since 2003.

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Ghost Walks of HamiltonExcellentGhost Walks of Hamilton4.9 Based on 446 reviews fromSee all reviewsLynne ThomasLynne Thomas ★★★★★ Great fun, lots of history, and excellent storytelling. Thanks!Melissa PuntiMelissa Punti ★★★★★ My friends and I went to the Hermitage ghost walk and it was amazing. We went the night before the full moon. Very informative and fun.Christy JeffrayChristy Jeffray ★★★★★ Can’t recommend the Dark Trolley tour lead by Ghost Guide Daniel high enough! The tour is the perfect length, the trolley comfortable (better than walking), the scenery and ambiance was perfect and then we get to the incredible stories that were shared. Everything from mobsters to shipwrecks to the war of 1812… There was not a dull moment on this tour. Ghost Guide Daniel is super knowledgeable, friendly and makes history come alive in a fun and entertaining way!Lisette SouterLisette Souter ★★★★★ I have had 2 extremely enjoyable events hosted by Daniel who is both highly entertaining and informative. I really enjoyed both the Dark Trolley ride as well as the Haunted Coach/Dundurn castle tour. Both events were chock full of interesting historical information shared by Daniel who has a way of making history both fun and exciting! Think you know Hamilton? Sign up for one or all of the fun-filled events that are sure to entertain and enlighten! I would highly recommend these events, they are an entertaining and pleasant way to spend a few hours learning about Hamilton's past. Events do fill up quickly!LisetteBill ClellandBill Clelland ★★★★★ Great event! Are guide was very good and knowledgeable with the history of the area!Canadian P.E.Canadian P.E. ★★★★★ I have gone on several different ghost walks with this organization and my latest one, at Dundurn Castle, was fantastic as usual. The guide for the bus tour, Daniel, is a great orator and makes the city's rich history come alive with the right mix of humour and horror.I love learning about local history and its darker side, and every single tour I've done with Ghost Walks has been endlessly interesting and spurred me on to do further research in the legends and stories they tell.The tour is reasonably priced and always has a spooky atmosphere. The guides are always super knowledgeable and so friendly and easy to talk to.The driver of our palatial bus was named Al and he was an absolute delight. Charming as heck and tops at maneuvering that behemoth around hairpin turns.5 stars all around, a real treat.Amy GiggalAmy Giggal ★★★★★ My family and I went on the Ghost Walk bus/castle tour of Dundurn Castle in Hamilton last night. We had a wonderful time and would highly recommend it! The bus tour guide and bus driver were a blast and the staff at the castle were very friendly and informative too. A wonderful experience to hear ghost stories while driving in a comfortable coach bus through the city and so much fun to explore and ghost hunt in the castle afterwards. Perfect evening! Thank you all!Nadia RushdiNadia Rushdi ★★★★★ We did the Hermitage forest walk Halloween Weekend, almost full moon and it was perfect. Our guide Geoff was a fantastic story teller and the experience was one of the best ghost walks I've ever. Did I mention how inexpensive it is vs the Toronto ones? I did manage to catch a photo of one if the spirits, you can decide if it's real or but do due this walk if you like adventure!LauraLaura ★★★★★ The history on area and property were great to hear. If you are scared, it is not scared 👻Rachel DyakowskiRachel Dyakowski ★★★★★ I’ve done three different ghost tour through Hamilton Ghost Walks and I recommend them to anyone interested in local history or celebrating spooky season. This year my mom and I did the Dundurn Castle tour and it was fantastic and well worth the money. Daniel is my favourite ghost guide!A.C CA.C C ★★★★☆ It was a really nice experience over all: the only down side is I wish we actually got to spend time at each location and get out and explore the locations even if it was only for 15mins.Jennifer RawlinsonJennifer Rawlinson ★★★★★ Had so much fun with our guide, Daniel. Highly recommend the ghost walk for local spooky stories that you can't get anywhere else!Dee MowatDee Mowat ★★★★★ My friend and I took our daughters on the Dundurn Castle and guided bus tour! We all had an amazing time! Daniel, our guide, was so entertaining with his stories and offered so many historical facts !! Lots of fun! I definitely recommend this tourLois GalganiLois Galgani ★★★★★ This was very interesting and very well done. Our whole group loved it.Jennifer Holmes-DziubaJennifer Holmes-Dziuba ★★★★★ Beverly MunroBeverly Munro ★★★★★ The Ghost Walk in Hamilton was very entertaining with Daniel as the guide and Al the driver. I will definitely recommend this event to all of my friends and family.js_loader

Why are dates and times missing when booking?

When a date or time slot is missing in the Booking… If a missing time, that tour time is sold out.  A missing date, means the entire night is sold out.

Harbour History — The Shanty Town

Driving along the Old Shanty Town

Dark Trolley Tour feature story — Called “Squatters”.  Houses slapped together along today’s Waterfront Trail leading to the Desjardins Canal.

At its height, 120 structures lined the shore before and under the bridge.  Not only low-income families.  As you can see in this picture… some very normal and well-built houses.

Hamilton Harbour History - The Old Shanty Town

All types of folks from the city.  This included Railway Workers, Machinists, Hydro Workers and even a painter.  One family even owned a motorized boat (the height of luxury!)

But the Shanty Town’s reputation was horrible in the City of Hamilton

Lies being spread by officials to turn the citizens against them.  It’s because they saw the High-Level Bridge as the Gateway to Hamilton.  Everything perfectly beautiful, except the Shanty Town.

Plans to beautify the Harbour setting the moral tone of the city.  TB. McQuesten spearheaded this new conservation area.

Yet the citizens supported the Shanty residents!  Until a fire 1931.  Two kids died and City Official screamed, “If only they paid taxes!  Were on the grid.  Firemen could have saved those kids.”

And the citizens agreed.  $100-$250 offered to each household to leave peacefully.  Most accepted, but not all.  Some turning their houses into boats and floating into the Harbour.

Harbour History — Monster of Burlington Bay

From Kingston’s Daily News – published August 17th 1877

Having heard reports recently of an extraordinary monster being in the waters of Burlington Bay (today’s Hamilton Harbour), near Carroll’s Point, a Spectator reporter yesterday interviewed one of the parties who had said last evening that he had seen it.

The fisherman stated that he was out in a single boat trolling for pike, when he noticed a commotion in the water about seventeen yards out from the farthest part of the point. He rowed over towards the place, but before he had gone many boat lengths he saw an object moving towards him.

Monster Trickery 

It presented the appearance of a black log with tapering end in the waterand when near the boat it turned and disappeared from sight, not before it exhibited its mouth, however, which looked like a crocodile.

Another party who claims to have seen it some distance east of the point, states that it has large scales on its back, that only two fins could be seen, one on each side and directly in the centre of the body.

A third fisherman, who lives not far from Oaklands, claimt to have had an oar suddenly snapped from him one evening while rowing in that vicinity, and believes it to have been taken by the monster.

Tracks, as of teeth, were in it when he recovered it in the bay next morning. Mr. Gates, the fish curer, states that a party the other evening became so frightened at its having made a dash at the boat that he is now laid up through nervous prostration.

We give the story as gathered for what it is worth, and leave the reader to investigate for himself.

Should I book in advance?

Yes.  We are limited on space for the trolley.  Advance bookings allows us to guarantee spots for you, and book in additional guides if needed.