“There should be more paid creative jobs in the world!”  The Ghost Guide is our original and paid job allowing you to be creative.  I love offering positions for storytellers and performers itching to perfect their craft.  Record yourself telling a ghost story and send it to me.  Can’t wait to meet all you creative folks… and break a leg!

~ Daniel, OGG (Original Ghost Guide)

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How to Audition

Here are a couple of quick tutorial videos.  For info on stories and how to send in your video, see the FAQs below.


How to Audition


How to Submit your Video

Submitted Audition Videos








#ggsearch FAQ

We got you covered.  Visit the Ghost Walks’ Articles.  Choose any article and pick any story about that location.

Stories only need to be 2-4mins long.  Please do not exceed 4mins.

Depending on how busy we are, within 48 hours your approved video will appear on the Ghost Guide search page.

We want to have all Niagara & Hamilton ghost guides hired by late-March

We like our GG’s to live within a 20-30min drive of the tour locations (with traffic).  This is for everyone’s convenience and sanity.

As mentioned in the How To’s…

  • You can upload to www.youtube.com, then email the link to daniel@ghostwalks.com
  • If not too big a video file, you can email the file to daniel@ghostwalks.com
    • If too big, try creating a zip file
  • Use a free file-sharing service…

If there are any issues, you’ll hear back from Daniel.