Haunted Mansions! Would you live in one?

Most recent Strange News Video Segment on Haunted Mansions —

Visiting a Haunted Hotel or Haunted Mansions (B&Bs), is one thing. But would you live there?

As featured in the last podcast

Ghost Guide Daniel goes through a list of different Haunted Mansions. Some famous, others unknown. Personal connections to the places and stories they invoke.

A list which includes the Silence of the Lambs house. So exciting for our fearless host. But is the basement Buffalo Bill’s hole-in-the-Earth? He wants that… just for the story. The story!

Then Amityville gets a mention. Why the horror house looks so different now, and difficulties finding it (nor really) when did a drive-by. And the Lizzie Borden House. Why Daniel wouldn’t live in this one. Because, of all things, the furniture.

More unknown spots and a Rock House that looks like you’re living in a cave. And a destroyed historic house needed TLC (more like SMH… Soooo Much Help).

The overall answer… yes, he would. With a “ghost discount” of course.

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Ghost Guide Daniel goes into details on why he disagrees. “… these thoughts are very destructive…”

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