Haunted Williamsburg. What the heck? | Discovering Ghosts

Most recent Discovering Ghosts Video on Haunted Williamsburg —

Confusion on the Podcast leads to clarity. Here Daniel discovers why Williamsburg VA was the only suggestion from Google, when searching “haunted places to stay…”

As featured in the last podcast…

From Extreme Ghost Tours to his love for Haunted Tourism. Including a correlation between haunted neighborhoods and large abandoned buildings (Mansfield and Trans Allegheny).

Talking about the failed (but wonderful) TV Ghost Show, Extreme Paranormal. Not the same as Williamsburg’s Extreme Ghost Tour, except by name.

And watch the creation of a Haunted Road Trip from Gettysburg to Savannah. Seriously true, here’s the MAP. But why is Baltimore on the list? Daniel had to prove the main reason… Mr. Edgar Allan Poe of course. Visit his haunted pub and old home (now Museum).

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Ghost Guide Daniel goes into details on why he disagrees. “… these thoughts are very destructive…”

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