Hermitage Ruins

Our classic one-of-a-kind tour into the haunted forest at night is back for Halloween!

Starts in a gatehouse before abandoning light for darkness.  Down the short path to a hidden place with much history and legend.  Featuring stories of a doomed coachman, shadows following the tour, experiences over generations and Ancaster’s infamous legend.

Includes free parking ($10 value)


Hermitage Ruins

The ruins of a haunted mansion in the middle of the forest

Only Light

You’ll see before heading into the pitch black woods


Characters (Dead Dude) in the woods at Halloween

Hermitage Ruins

Sulphur Springs Road MAP
Ancaster (Hamilton), Ontario, Canada


Adults . . . . . . . $17.80
Kids 13 & under . . . . $15.00
+ HST Tax / No Hidden Fees!

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A focus on masterful storytelling at a reasonable price (with no hidden fees!)  We’ve put special attention into respecting the ghost story.  A dedication to traditional styles mixed with natural (and interesting) odd history. It’s been our specialty since 2003.

If you have a group of 8 or more people we may be able to provide a discount (depending on night and time of year). To find out Make Contact with us and mention the number of people and desired date of your group.

The Hermitage Ruins

The ruins of an old mansion exist in the historic town of Ancaster (now part of Hamilton).  For generations countless thrill-seekers have visited in search of ghosts.  Home to the paranormal but also dark ritual.  Maybe that’s why the land is cursed!

Cursed Nature

You don’t need to be psychic to feel it.

When walking up the hill towards the ruins. A heaviness weighs down on you. Adults can push these dreadful feelings aside, say it doesn’t exist.

Animals are different, possessing a sixth sense we’ve lost with evolution. On conservation land, but animals stay away from the path and ruins.

The Legend of Lover’s Lane

Maybe it begins with a legend.  Known in this region simply as “Lover’s Lane”. So famous, there’s a street named after it…

For the Legend and more, Read our Hermitage Ruins free article

If a time is missing from the Book Now form, it means that tour time is fully booked and unavailable.  If the date is missing, it means the entire Ghost Walk is sold out.

Groups are capped at 16-18 people with social distancing and masks are required during the tour.

Daniel of the Ghost Walks

I'm a paranormal enthusiast since founding Haunted Hamilton back in 1999. Started with Hamilton's Bellevue Mansion (2000) and been hooked ever since. Left HH in 2012 to focus on my passion, the Ghost Walks. I love telling the stories of witnesses, and from the past, with the goal of proving ghosts are real.

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