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A piece of human history made dark by experiments of the mind.  Whether ignorance, or misguided science, in the end these places were home to much violence.  Ghost stories bred from this brutality, featured in the episode with Trans Allegheny in the US, and a tale from Hamilton’s Century Manor.

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Ghost Story Podcast Synopsis (“Insane” Asylum, Ghosts & Dark History, featuring Hamilton’s Century Manor)

Some human history made dark by today’s standards.  But try to feel it from the “dark ages of medical science”.  Were they just trying to help those afflicted with mental disease and disturbance?

Starting with a ghost story from a writer named Marisa.  Her account, as a skeptic, of visiting the very haunted Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, West Virginia.  A subtle experience a small Maglite and a ghost named Jim.  Not enough to convert this skeptic.

A bit of talk.  Visualizing the experience, crammed rooms with the mentally disturbed.  And a dive into how the people of the time thought they were doing good.  Don’t relate with our current knowledge, but instead the misguided thoughts of doctors like Walter Freeman.

The disturbing method that made him famous, and his run in with the Kennedy family during the presidency of JFK.  And his connection to the previously mentioned Trans Allegheny. 

And finally, Daniel tells a ghost story from Hamilton’s Century Manor.  The last piece of the city’s massive asylum, and a building once housing the criminally insane.  How a security guard walk away after his shift a complete believer.

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