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Ghost Guide Daniel

This week is a Ghost Story Podcast on Canada’s Amityville —

Daniel telling the story of this legendary haunted house.  The OG investigation that led to his getting into the paranormal completely. 

Legends of Demonic possession on level with your favorite horror movie.  Featuring the story of some teens, a Ouija Board and girlfriends being dragged across the floor.

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Ghost Story Podcast Synopsis (Bellevue Mansion… Canada’s Amityville House?)

Daniel telling the story of this legendary haunted house.  How living in Toronto for a year led to learning about Bellevue Mansion in his home city.  Non-believing ghost show Producers opening up about their research.  Every fact except the name and location.  Hamiltonians don’t need directions!  They found it soon after.

The OG Investigation wasn’t an investigation at all.  No tools.  Just a camera and recorder.  The recorder got nothing.  It comes down to the photos.  A walk-through the house, first, second floor… attic and widow’s walk.  But not the basement.  Daniel couldn’t go into the basement.

The entire time, the legends of Demonic possession running through his head.  Nautical wallpaper in a little boy’s room made him wonder, could this be the boy who murdered his family.  Supposedly, the father of one family and the son of another.  Possessed and brutally killed their families.  Then hanging themselves off a rafter in the widow’s walk. 

No evidence of this ever occurring was found.  Research done to create an article to honor the house.  After it was demolished by the landowner in the middle of the night.  Daniel rants about the disturbing experience of seeing a one proud historic home reduced to rubble.

But the story needed to be told.  Then so many stories afterwards.  Daniel finding his passion in life.

Makes sense he’d end on a ghost story.  From a friend of a friend.  Teens raiding the house on Halloween to use the dreaded Ouija.  An event changing a young lady’s life, and most likely ending a relationship.

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