Cemetery Ghost Stories featuring an Attempted Possession at Ruthven


Ghost Guide Daniel

This week is a 2 Cemetery Ghost Story show, with Bachelors Grove and Ruthven —

NEW FORMAT… now with more ghost stories!  Daniel reads many ghost stories.  An obsession he now passes to you.  Starting with a Cemetery experience from the infamous Bachelor’s Grove just outside of Chicago.  Then talking more about why cemeteries are rarely haunted.  All ending with the poor woman attacked by a ghost and dragged into the Thompson Family Plot.

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Ghost Story Podcast Synopsis (Cemetery Ghost Stories featuring an Attempted Possession at Ruthven)

Daniel introduces a new format.  Open with ghosts, end with ghosts.  He has read many, and still actively reads, all the ghost stories possible to fit into one day.  So why not bring to light related stories from around the world.  Let us know if you like this! (Ghost Guide Daniel on FB). 

Starts off with a story out of the infamous Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in Midlothian.  This is a remote town just outside of Chicago.  Site of one of the top 10 Ghost Photos in the world, “The Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove”.  The story of Len, visiting one night nearing Halloween.  His encounter with a seemingly normal mother and her daughter.

Leading into some reasoning, on why we’re so scared of cemeteries.  Daniel doesn’t think it’s ghosts.  Instead, a deep fear in all of us.  The haunted cemeteries that prove this, and the reason Bachelor’s Grove is so haunted.

Finally, a ghost story from one of Daniel’s Ghost Walks locations, Ruthven.  The Canadian “Ghost Town”, and the haunted path leading to the Thompson family cemetery.  A young lady attacked by an imposing energy.  An attempted possession? 

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