Why I don’t Believe in Aliens featuring a Small-Town Ghost Stories


Ghost Guide Daniel

This week is a special Aliens episode, but with Dundas Ghost Stories —

Skewing away from ghosts for a few minutes.  Daniel jumps into the “other paranormal”… aliens.  Disclaimer, not a scientist.  He approaches the idea from a spiritual look, mixed with a few science concepts.  Then right back to ghosts with the UFO Sighting capital of Canada, Dundas.  Featuring one of the oldest hotel buildings in Ontario.

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Ghost Story Podcast Synopsis (Why I don’t Believe in Aliens featuring a Small-Town Ghost Stories)

Leaving the subject of ghosts for a few minutes to cover Aliens.  This one gets a little weird.  Diving into the idea of reality being a simulation.  How everything is made up of the same energy underneath the matter that makes up everything. 

Daniel’s no scientist, as he reminds you many times in the episode.  But he’s got experience with spiritualism.  This is the foundation of his denial for Aliens. 

But science may also agree.  Quantum studies proving what this deep-down energy really is.  And the concept of the multiverse.  Daniel poses the question, “Maybe we’re not meant to see or experience beyond our own galaxy”.  That the edges are really barriers.  That’s why an Alien planet made just for advanced cockroaches isn’t possible.  And why would they study us anyway?

How our galaxy is made perfectly to sustain life on Earth.  This is the best of all the planets for what we need.  Maybe that isn’t a mistake. 

Finally (and happily) leaving the subject.  Getting back to the ghost stories with a couple of tales out of Dundas.  The connection… this historic and haunted town is the UFO sighting capital of Canada.  What better place!  Featuring one of the oldest hotels in Ontario, Canada… The Collins. 

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