Why Haunted Farmhouses are Creepier featuring a Hermitage Ghost Story


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This week is a 2 Farmhouse Ghost Story show, with a little girl in a barn and a Hermitage Ruins Ghost Story —

The haunted farmhouse.  Secluded, creepy and full of residual ghostly energy.  Starting with a ghost story.  Fiction, real… either way it’s spooky and on a farm.  Daniel gets into the idea of the haunted farmhouse.  Why its energy is different.  Using an abandoned Hamilton Mountain home as example.  And ending off with a Hermitage Ruins (the ultimate farmhouse) story, when a girl meets her friends in the dead of night.

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Why Haunted Farmhouses are Creepier featuring a Hermitage Ghost Story
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Ghost Story Podcast Synopsis (Why Haunted Farmhouses are Creepier featuring a Hermitage Ghost Story)

The haunted farmhouse is different from other haunts in the world.  The seclusion adds to the ghosts.  Being off, alone, in the country with few neighbors. 

The creepiness of the ghosts made clear in the first ghost story.  From John Voss.  Up in the air whether this is a true ghost story, or just fiction.  Talks of a foreign exchange student from Finland, sent to the United States to live with a family on their farm.  Her acceptance of early morning work.  While it’s dark outside.  Leading to an encounter with the spirit inside the barn.

But why farmhouses?  Daniel goes into more details.  The seclusion leads to doing everything for yourself.  Especially in historic times when the family had all their life on the farm.  Happy event, sickness, and death.  Wakes and funerals.  All these emotions centered on one house surrounded by nature. 

Using a Hamilton Mountain home as an example.  Left abandoned for no reason, other than being creepy.  A feeling Daniel felt when walking his dog by it every day for a year.  There’s no doubt why this place was left, and why it’ll eventually fall to the wrecking ball.

And ending off with the Legendary Hermitage Ruins.  Location of one of the Ghost Walks (ghostwalks.com) and a story Daniel’s told in the past.  A young girl talked into ignoring her fears of getting caught.  Coming out to hopefully prove this Ancaster historic site was really haunted.  She didn’t even get there before the ghost said “Hey!”.

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