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Daniel is a master in the traditional art of storytelling. Turned host of this weekly podcast. New breed of Ghost Story show, presenting a true view of the supernatural.

He’s not trying to make you a believer … it just happens!

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Ghost Walks’ Head Ghost Guide for almost 20 years. Regularly leading Downtown Hamilton, Hamilton’s Dark History and the Dark Trolley tours. And now host of this ghost story podcast.

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NEW! Articles by Ghost Guide Daniel

Local and all over the world. Ghost stories are beloved by everyone, believer and skeptic. Read articles by Ghost Guide Daniel, only on The Ghost Walks!

  • Lemp Mansion’s Cursed Family of St. Louis

    Ghost Guide Daniel – – If a family curse were possible, this is the story!  Tragedies throughout generations of the same family, surrounding the now infamous haunted house in the City of St. Louis. Warning: The following article contains accounts of suicide and tragic death

  • Top 10 Haunted Places to Visit in Niagara

    Ghost Guide Daniel – – With all the wineries and museums to visit, you may not have time.  However, I wanted to make it easy to visit the most haunted places in the Niagara Falls Region. Cause they don’t get deserved attention!  From the darker side of known buildings and museums.  To a rare, haunted […]

  • Top 10 Haunted Places to Visit in Hamilton

    Ghost Guide Daniel – – The city of Hamilton is uniquely haunted.  Because when you look at the on-the-books history, you’ll wonder… How can it be so haunted with a limited history? Peel away that layer and realize a hidden history of loyalist settlements.  Still seen in the names of the smaller towns making up […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Podcast happenings…

An interesting take on the ghost story podcast. This isn’t done with a spooky voice and jump scares. Daniel believes in ghosts. Spent his career passing along the best stories in Southern Ontario, Canada (and the World).

The Podcast was born out of this passion. It’s a take on his real life interactions with believers and skeptics alike. No ghost subject is off-limits. And yes, there are ghost stories!

About Daniel’s style…

Personable! It’s real talk over dramatics. Raw talk with no script leading into ghost stories told with a unique love of the paranormal.

Gained from 20 years of “ghost guiding”. His style is intense. Pushed out from a place of respect for true paranormal experiences had by millions of people around the world.

This raw talk is what led him to the Podcast. Where else can you be true to your own style without interference.

Daniel’s experience…

20 years in the paranormal world. From being an investigator, to collecting stories… and then to telling them!

He’s been telling tales of dark history and ghosts to large groups since 2003. Continues to this day, with a renewed interest in the traditional art of storytelling.

The Podcast isn’t scripted! Doesn’t mean Daniel sacrifices his style. It’s a challenge he’s accepted many times before … how to mix (in the moment) realism and storytelling to make the stories interesting.

Because if they’re boring, who’d want to listen.

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