Pets can be Ghosts Too featuring the Black Cat of Custom House


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This week on Ghost Pets. Packed with Ghost Stories. And the oldest legend in America is that of a Dog – –

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Open the flood gates!  So many experiences and stories for pets.  This episode is proof, made Daniel a believer.  Amazing personal stories, and the oldest legend in America is about a dog.  Then Daniel tells two stories from his tours at the Custom House, with the Black Cat scaring people for years.

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Pets can be Ghosts Too featuring the Black Cat of Custom House
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Ghost Story Podcast Synopsis (Pets can be Ghosts Too featuring the Black Cat of Custom House)

So many pet ghost stories to be told, where does Daniel begin.  He focuses on the ones that gave him the feels.  From loving pet owners, robust stories with element of truth through that love. 

Such as the opening story from Sharon on Facebook.  A final visit from her beloved family cat that’s hard to deny.  Kicking off the idea with one of the most common locations for pet experience, while in bed.

Daniel explains the psychic aspect.  The heightened sensitivity to the spiritual while being half asleep, half awake.  The shutting down of the material for the spirit, and no better place than where the beloved pet once slept every, single, night.

Bring on the ghost stories.  One from the Mercury News happening to a woman named Alice.  Then the telling of, what some claim to be, the oldest ghost story in American history (1700’s Maryland).  Of course, it’s about a loyal dog!

All leading to the main ghost animal.  With two stories from the Custom House as a former Karate Dojo and from a Ghost Walk.  Connected by this feisty feline known only as the Black Cat.

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GG Daniel talking about Pet Ghosts. Trying to explain why they exist and the most common experience.

Black Cat of Custom House Ghost Stories – from Karate Dojo & Ghost Walks

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