All the Ghosts Agree… it was a Bad Business Idea | Ghost Story Podcast


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All the Ghosts Agree… it was a Bad Business Idea

This week is a Ghost Story Podcast — Start a failed business inside a haunted building.  Then watch the ghosts go crazy!  A peek into Daniel’s run with a local paranormal group.  Opening a shop in the core of his home city.  Inside a haunted building. 

Bad ideas, failed biz, renovations, and a psychic. 

If this doesn’t stir stuff up, nothing will!

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Ghost Story Podcast Synopsis (All the Ghosts Agree… it was a Bad Business Idea)

Going back to the Haunted Hamilton days.  The year is 2004 and Daniel’s involved in the building of a paranormal group.  On the tail-end of his time investigating haunted houses (1999-2004).  A lease comes up inside the old row buildings of James Street South in Hamilton.

His partner and Daniel knew the place was haunted.  He didn’t know the shop was such a bad idea.  Or the psychic was so good.  Things fell into place for a genuinely interesting experience in the paranormal.

The resident ghost making herself known.  Confused by the computer equipment in the back.  Witnessed hovering over the monitor as the employee walked in to open for the day.  A flash of an old woman hunched over the computer before she was gone.  Before the shop, the space was a nursing uniform shop for decades.  No computers needed.

Then Psychic Suzanne started spending time in a make-shift parlor.  Her abilities undeniable.  The communication solid as the resident’s ghosts got bold.

All leading to a visit by Daniel’s family member.  Tasked with watching her for the afternoon.  The 3-year-old Jane was playing in the shop, until they noticed she was gone.  Heard her talking from the storage cubby, former location of the building’s main staircase.  Having a conversion.  Later asked about it.  Little Jane told Daniel about the little boy.  Then she said something.  Jane’s face showed her confusion at the thought… “He said he was dead…”  Not knowing what death was, she asked.  Daniel was careful to explain it, ending with “Ask your mother”.

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2 replies on “All the Ghosts Agree… it was a Bad Business Idea | Ghost Story Podcast”

Nice bit of background about where you came from. You God-Niece’s side story gave me the chills. My cousin’s grandchildren often comment on things only they can see. I’ll definitely be going through the podcasts to see if you have spoken of Bellvue Mansion before. I have a keen interest in that story.

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